Located at Fushimi Inari, Kyoto is the Hiwamatanoboru (the sun will rise again) ramen shop. Out of all the ramen shops that has a chicken-pork based soup, Hiwamatanoboru rises to the top as one of the bests. In this article, we would like to introduce as to why this ramen shop attracts so many tourists and locals.

What is Hiwamatanoboru?

Hiwamatanoboru is located at Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, Japan. It only takes about 1 min walk from Keihan Main Railway “Fushimi Inari Station.” Because it is located near the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine, its menus have English translations for foreign tourists to use. The shops most crowded time is around 11:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. and many customers still come even during the weekdays. The customers are mostly foreign tourists or Japanese people visiting from other prefectures. There are 11 counter seats, 3 tables for 2 people and 1 table for 4 people. Customers can order by buying a ticket at a meal ticket machine!

The Most Famous Chicken-Pork Soup Based Ramen Shop

Ramen in Kyoto

The most famous menu in the shop is the Chicken-Pork Soup Based Ramen (鶏豚骨ラーメン). The main reason for this is because compared to other ramen shops that sells a similar menu, Hiwamatanoboru’s Ramen quality is incomparable. The shop concentrates on the freshness and spends hours to boil the rich soup. The soup does not have any disturbing oily scent making it easy to drink for anyone! The noodles are also an original straight noodle that is very chewy yet very easy to eat. When eaten, the smell of the wheat spreads out. Because of the excellent compatibility of the noodle and the soup, it is no question why the customers love this ramen so much! For toppings, there is a roasted pork fillet on top, however, it is not your typical Japanese roasted pork fillet that is raw, but it is cooked well done with many peppers making it spicy!!

The Famous Side Menu /Karaage(fried chicken)/

Other than their ramen, the shop also holds a pride on their Karaage which is very popular among the customers. The size of the Karaage is gigantic!! One Karaage is cut in half so it is easy for customers to eat. The Karaage is very crunchy on the outside and very juicy on the inside. The shop also has their original mayonnaise on every table and it is recommended to eat the Karaage with this.


  • Address : Kyotofu Kyotoshi Fushimiku Fukakusa Ichinotsubocho 38-15
  • Business Hours : 11:00 ~ 22:00
  • Holiday : Thursday
  • Language: —
  • Other Languages : English
  • Nearest Station : Keihan Main Railway “Fushimi Inari Station”
  • Price Range : ~999yen
  • Payment Method : Cash Only (No Credit Cards)
  • Phone Number : 075-642-5705
  • Official Homepage :