This article is an article about Nabanano Sato winter illumination. I would like to introduce the beautiful events where many people go to because it’s famous.

What is Nabanano Sato?

Nabanano Sato is a facility of Nagashima Resort.

In the facility, we can appreciate many kinds of plants every season and established as a representative tourist spot in Mie prefecture.

It is the time of winter illumination which people are very excited every year, the LED light is decorated on the whole facility, and when the sun goes down the whole facility creates a fantastic scenery.

Nabanano Sato’s Charm

There are various attractions in the village. In this section, I would like to introduce the charms of Nabanano Sato

Every season different view

Nabana Village is famous for its spectacular spot where you can enjoy illumination in winter, but you can enjoy it any season.

You can enjoy plants such as beautiful flowers every season. Adults and kids can enjoy it a lot.

Tons of corners

There is also a corner of the Nagashima resort, and there are many entertainment facilities such as “Nagashima Spa Land, Jazz Dream Nagashima, Yumi no Ami, and Nagashima Farm inside of Nabana Village and you can enjoy it all day.

During the winter illuminations, it is also available to visit at nearby facilities until the area is dark.

In addition, “Yumi no Oshima” which is the most recommended facility for ending the day. There are various types of bathtubs, which will heal the tiredness of the day.

Easy to go

Because Nagashima Resort has a direct bus from Nagoya Station, even if you are traveling from Kansai or Kanto, you can easily reach Nagashima Resort by reaching Nagoya Station by bullet train

More Information

Nabanano Sato Facility Information

Winter illumination period: Mid October to the beginning of May of next year

Time: 09: 00-21: 00

Venue: Nabanano Sato

Address: 〒 511-1144 Kuwana City Nagashima Town Komie 270

Phone number: 0594 – 41 – 0787

Official website: なばなの里

Price: 2,300 yen (※ window sales)

How to access

Train: Take the Kintetsu Nagoya Line ‘Kintetsu Nagashima Station’ and ride a bus and get off about 10 minutes ‘Nabanano Sato’

Car: Approximately 10 minutes to the north from Ise Wangan Expressway “Wangan Nagashima IC”

Parking lot: Approximately 5,700 spots (free)