In this article, we would like to introduce Solo Wedding, which is becoming a new popular form of marriage in the Heisei Period in Japan.

What is a Solo Wedding?

Solo Wedding, as its name suggests, is a wedding ceremony held on your own.

In Solo Weddings, it is common to have yourself wore a wedding dress or a white kimono, have your hair styled and the camera man will take your photo as a remembrance.

It is quite similar to「Photo Wedding」, however, there are some differences.

We will now explain why?

What do you do in a Solo Wedding?

There are 2 types of Solo Wedding.

We will now talk about its type and differences.

Short-term Plan to do in a Studio

The first type we will introduce is the Photo Studio Type where it takes about only hours or a day to prepare. Its attractive point is that it is fast so you can save much more time.

If you have a whole day available, you can already prepare your dress, makeup, and finish the photoshoot. If you are a busy person with little free time, this plan is recommended to you.

It may sound simple, however , the cameraman who will take your photos and the makeup artists are all professionals so it really feels like a real wedding.

Long-term Plan with Accommodation

The next plan we will introduce is a plan prepared by hotels or travel agencies, which is the Long-term Plan With Accommodation Type.

Most plans is a 1 night 2 days plan. On the 1st day, you can enjoy picking out your dress! On the 2nd day, you will have your photoshoot.

The expense will differ depending on the plan you will choose and the company. There are Suite Room Plan or you can also add Nail and Salon Plan.

If you want a little extravagant wedding, this plan is recommended to you!

Moreover, if you feel sad or scared of doing a solo wedding on your own, you can call a friend to keep you company!

Having your close friend spend your special day with you sounds truly exciting!!

What is the Reason for holding a Solo Wedding?

What do you think are the reasons why some prefer a solo wedding?

To begin, most people who do a solo wedding are women.

Among them, the biggest reason to why they do a solo wedding is because….

  • They do not have plans to get married but still dreams on wearing a wedding dress.
  • They already got married but did not like their wedding dress.
  • They had their wedding in a wedding dress but they also want to wear a pure white kimono.

There are various reasons as mentioned above, but most are women who admires wearing a wedding dress or those who wish to have a more gorgeous one.

The Costs of Solo Wedding

The costs for a solo wedding differs depending on the plan. We can not completely list the overall expenses individually , but we will write some of the prices.

The Short-term Plan to do in a Studio costs from 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen.

The Long-term Plan with Accommodation costs from 200,000 yen to 300,000 yen.

You can make it more extravagant by choosing from various options. You can also use someone to play as the groom so if you want to the a Solo Wedding, it is important to contact the company for further details!