In this article, we would like to talk about one of the biggest event of one’s life; Wedding.

For those who will celebrate their wedding or those who are invited to a wedding, we will now introduce to you some basic knowledge’s you must know before going to a wedding ceremony!

What is a Non- Religious Wedding?

Non-Religious Wedding

A Non-Religious Wedding is a wedding where the bride and groom exchange their wedding vows and make their friends and families the witness of the marriage instead of God or Buddha.

It is a wedding where religion is not related, so the bride and groom has more options when choosing the venue and how the wedding will proceed.

The Good Points of the Non-Religious Wedding

Non-Religious Wedding

Many people choose to do a Non- Religious Wedding.

From now, we will introduce to you attractive points of this ceremony!

Every Guests Will Enjoy!

Because the religion is not related to the ceremony, people can have more freedom when choosing a venue or how the wedding will proceed.

For that reason, they can decide which performance will the guests enjoy!

The Expense is Cheaper

There are no strictly decided expenses in the Non-Religious Wedding!

This is because you can freely choose what performances will be held that would fit your budget!

Basically, just by being able to have the freedom to freely choose what you want in everything is already attractive enough!

Popular Performance in a Non-Religious Wedding

Non-Religious Wedding

In the Non-Religious Wedding, you can arrange an original wedding ceremony! You can also add performances that can only be seen in your wedding!

From now, we will like to list out the most common performance that the bride and groom chooses for their wedding day.

Flower Shower

A flower shower is done when the bride and groom is about to exit the venue together. The people around them will throw flower petals which creates a flower shower!

Original Vows

In the Non-Religious Wedding, the Bride and Groom can think of their own original vows.

It’s a very romantic thing to do because you can write a letter originally for the person you love and hear their words of love back!

Original Marriage Certificate

This is also a wedding vow, however, it’s an original because your words are written in the marriage certificate itself. It’s one of the most famous events that the Bride and Groom wants to include in their wedding!

Which Venues Are Chosen?

Non-Religious Wedding

While the Bride and Groom can freely choose a venue in a Non-Religious Wedding, the venues are unexpectedly biased.

The most famous are the Chapel and the Reception Hall.

Still, this type of wedding is recommended to those who want to have their one and only original wedding!