In this article, we would like to talk about one of the biggest event in everybody’s life, Marriage and we will concentrate on Christian Wedding Ceremonies in this reading.

We will now introduce to you important knowledges to learn about this wedding ceremony whether if you are getting married and or you plan to attend a friends wedding.

What is a Christian Wedding Ceremony?

In Christian Wedding Ceremonies, there are two types , Catholic and Protestants.  Both of these religion believe in the same God (Jesus), and so the ceremony program does not have so much difference.  However, their ceremony style differ in some ways.

The biggest difference between the Catholic and Protestant ceremony is that Catholic Ceremonies are only held with people with the same religion. On the other hand, Protestant Ceremonies welcome any guests without questioning their religion and beliefs.

For that reason, when a Christian Wedding Ceremony is held in Japan, most are Protestant Wedding Ceremonies.

Good Points of Church Wedding!

There are many attractive things when getting married in a church.

From now, we would like to introduce those attractive points.

Participants/Guests Can Enjoy!

In Christian Weddings, many people participate and so the event is quite lively and enjoyable.

There are also roles that guests can play, such as escorting the children when entering and exiting the church or calling famous people and sing or dance to the song. Other than the bride and groom, the event is truly enjoyable to anyone and this is another attractive part of a Christian Wedding.

You Can Wear the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams!

Any woman in the world must have had dreamt of wearing a big white flowy dress, right?

When you have a Christian Wedding, that dream will come true! The Bride can walk the aisle with her dream dress watched by all of her loved ones!

It is no doubt one of the best moment of a person’s life!

The Order of a Christian Wedding Ceremony

We would now like to explain the flow of a Christian Wedding.

1, The Entrance of the Guests/ Family Members

In the beginning, the guests will enter the church.

The position of the seats are decided.  The Family of the bride seats on the left side and the groom on the right side.

The order of the seats are also decided. The more a guest is close to the front, the more they are a close person to the bride and groom.

2, Bridal Processional Begins

First, the groomsmen and the groom will enter the church.

The groom will be the center of attention in this moment so it can be nerve-wrecking!

3, Wedding March Begins

Next is the most awaited moment, the entrance of the Bride!

The Bride is lead by the brides mates and her mother. The Bride will walk in the aisle while crossing her arms with her father.

It is a touching moment seeing your daughter grow up and getting married.

4, Singing the Hymns

When the entrance of the Groom and Bride ends, all the participants will stand and sing a hymn together.

Also, the Priest will read a chapter in the bible , the Duty of a Married Couple.

During this time, the Priest will explain what really is a married couple to make everyone rethink its deep meaning.

5, The Prayer

After the Priest read the Bible, a prayer toward God will be given.

6, The Wedding Vows

Next will be the wedding vows.

The Bride and Groom may read letters they wrote to each other and will repeat the vows that the Priest have given to finally become a married couple.

This is one of the most memorable scenes in a wedding.

The Priest will ask a question and the Bride and Groom will say, “I do.”

7, Exchanging of the Rings

Next, the Bride and Groom will exchange rings.

From the Groom to the Bride and the Bride to the Groom.

8, The Declaration of Marriage

After exchanging rings, the Bride and Groom will hold hands with the Priest and pray together.

When the prayer is complete, the Priest will finally announce the Groom and Bride, Husband and Wife!

9, Signing the Marriage Certificate/ Contract

After the Bride and Groom is declared to have become a married couple, they must now sign a marriage contract to legalize their wedding.

In most cases, only the Bride, Groom and the Priest will sign.

10, Exit of the Bride and Groom

To end the ceremony, the Bride and Groom will exit the church together while everyone around them claps and wishes them happiness!

Caution Points

Because most Japanese people are Buddhist, it is rare for them to visit a Christian church, making them lack knowledge about the religion.

From now, we would like to introduce important points to be careful about.

Guests Must Wear Conservative Clothes

Guests must wear a non- revealing clothing.

Recently, dresses with no sleeves are worn by many people in a wedding, so it is not as strict as before. However, it is still important to keep in mind not to show too much skin.

There Are Ceremonies Where Pictures Is Not Allowed

Depending on the church, there are some where professional cameraman’s are the only ones allowed to take a picture.

It is important to confirm this details before going to the ceremony.

Guests Must Not Stand on the Aisle

The aisle is an important place.

In most cases, there is a rope that keeps people from going there, however, even if there aren’t any ropes, keep in mind not to go in the aisle.


In this article, we introduced to you information and caution points about the Christian wedding Ceremony.

A Wedding is one of the most important event in a person’s life. If you are planning a Christian wedding, we hope that you and your partner will have the best ceremony you will always remember.

If you are attending, we hope that you will have a great time because it really is an enjoyable event!