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「I wanna watch a movie near the Osaka Station!」
「What kind of movie theater is the Umeda Cine Libre in the Umeda Sky Building?」
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What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is a movie theater located in the scenic Umeda Sky Building, the Cine Libre!

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Umeda Sky Building Cine Libre Theater Movie Theater

In the popular scenic spot, the Umeda Sky Building located in the Umeda area, is a movie theater called the “Cine Libre”.

At the Cine Libre, you can not only watch new movies, but old movies as well, which gets our recommendation!

The Cine Libre is located on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Umeda Sky Building.

Access Info

Umeda Sky Building Cine Libre Theater Movie Theater

To access it, you can walk for about 9 minutes from either the JR Osaka Station or the Hankyu Umeda Station.

If by car, then it is about 3 minutes away from the Umeda Exit on the Hanshin Expressway.

The parking spaces are located on the 2nd floor underground and it is 400 yen for 1 hour.

After that, it’s 100 yen every 15 minutes, but those who have watched a movie here get 400 yen discount from their full price.

The discount only lasts for that day, and the parking discount ticket only lasts once so be careful.

Of course, you won’t be able to use it in tandem with discounts from other stores.

【Umeda Sky Building Observatory】Basic Info About Accessing And Parking

Ticket Sale Info

Umeda Sky Building Cine Libre Theater Movie Theater

You can get all of your tickets on the 3rd floor reception.

You will not be able to get any tickets from the 4th floor.

Borrowing Service Info

Umeda Sky Building Cine Libre Theater Movie Theater

You will be able to borrow a blanket there to have a comfortable movie time.

They also have child seats so small children will be able to watch the movie calmly.

Price Info & Useful Info

Umeda Sky Building Cine Libre Theater Movie Theater

Regular Prices

The regular ticket for the general public is 1800 yen.

Those Who Have A TCG Members Card

The price will go down to 1300 yen if you show that you are a member by showing your TCG membership card.

The membership discount doesn’t work for anyone other than the member so any other family or friends coming with you will have to pay the normal price.

Service Day & Sunday Night Discount

You can save money by going to watch a movie on Service Day or go on a Sunday at 8 pm as any movie shown afterwards will be priced at 1300 yen.

There is also the Movie Day which is on the 1st of every month. On that day, you will be able to watch a movie for 1100 yen.

Senior Discount

If you or your significant other is over 50 years old, the paired price will be 2200 yen.

In this instance, you will need to show something that shows your age.

Seniors will need something to show their age, but they will be able to watch a movie for 1100 yen.

Disability Discount

Those with disabilities will be able to watch a movie for 1000 yen.

Basic Info

For business hours, the earliest movie showing is from 9:30 am.

They also have movies showing from 9:30 pm, so they will still be open then.

Those under 18 will not be able to enter the movies that end after 10 pm.

Their total seating number is 435 plus spaces made for those in wheel chairs.

Basic Info

  • Business Hours:9:30 am~9:30 pm(Changes depending on the movie showings)
  • Total Seat Number:435 seats
  • General Price:1800 yen
  • Discounts
    • Sunday Night Discount
    • Service Day Discount
    • Seniors Discount
    • Disability Discount
  • Borrowables
    • Blanket
    • Child Seat