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What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you is a comic specialty store located in the underground 2nd floor of the Yodobashi Umeda Store!

In terms of enjoying subculture in Osaka, the Nihonbashi Bridge is famous, but you can also enjoy such subculture at the Yodobashi Camera in the Umeda Area!

Let’s get right into it!

The Famous Yet Hidden Subculture Spot

Yodobashi Umeda Store Underground 2nd Floor Comic Specialty Store Manga comic

Yodobashi Camera is famous for opening electronics retail stores all across Japan, but most of their stores also sell miscellaneous goods and other things, so you can also enjoy it as a shopping mall!

Each of the stores ave their own characteristics, but among them, the one that is most pleasing to manga lovers is the Yodobashi Umeda Store with its comic specialty store on the underground 2nd floor.

In a corner space of the underground 2nd floor, it is located next to a toy store. At first glance, it is very easy to miss as it is not that visible, but this space is very charming to those who love manga!

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Manga Lovers, Do You Have Any Problems Like This?

Yodobashi Umeda Store Underground 2nd Floor Comic Specialty Store Manga comic

As the recent trend of reading manga on the internet rises, it is starting to become rare to see comics being sold at many book shops as the number of books shipped are lowering.

However, we bet that there are many manga lovers out there that want to read published books or search through book stores in their spare time.

For those who are like this, instead of trying to find a guy they like on the internet, they would try to find an interesting looking book cover or spine and buy it. Among them, there are those who like such maniac things that aren’t usually seen.

Such people may have the problem of not seeing their favorite published books sold at literature stores, giving them less incentive to go.

A recommended store for those people would be the Yodobashi Umeda Stores Comic Specialty Store!

Now let’s see what kind of charm is hidden in this store!

The Reason Manga・Comic Lovers Highly Rate It!

Yodobashi Umeda Store Underground 2nd Floor Comic Specialty Store Manga comic

The reason many manga and comic lovers highly rate the Yodobashi Camera Umeda Stores Comic Specialty Store is in the fact that they have the most maniac things you wouldn’t find in other regular book stores.

Setting aside the popular things, when it comes to the maniac things that aren’t very popular, many book stores don’t sell them or have them even on back order.

At the underground 2nd floor of Yodobashi Umeda, it is not certain that the person in charge likes manga, but you will find newly published manga of the most maniac nature in spades, which will make many fans happy.

The space itself is comparably small, but as there are a variety of products there, you may have to frequently visit the shop.

A good point of the shop is their opening and closing time, which is 9 am and 10 pm respectively, which is comparably later of a closing time to other shops.

To access the shop, you can get in about a minute from either the JR Osaka Station or the Umeda Station on the Subway Midosuji Line.

You can also walk about 2 minutes from the Hankyu Umeda Station and 3 minutes from the Hanshin Umeda Station.

Facilities Info

  • Business Hours:9:00~22:00
  • Access Info
    • About a minute walk away from the JR Osaka Station
    • About a minute walk away from the Umeda Station on the Subway Midosuji Line
    • About a 2 minute walk away from the Hankyu Umeda Station
    • About a 3 minute walk away from the Hanshin Umeda Station
  • Telephone Number:06-4802-1010

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