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Umeda Sky Building Observatory

Speaking of a spot with a superb view, the Umeda Sky Building is famous for its view.

The view from the top floor observatory is beautiful, with many foreign tourists and couples coming to visit, especially during the summer fireworks exhibit.

We will explain the popularity and charm of the Umeda Sky Building observatory in detail!

The Access Method And Business Hours

Umeda Sky Building ACCESS

You can easily get there within a few minutes of walking from the JR Osaka Station and Umeda Station.

The business hours of the Umeda Sky Building observatory is from 9:30am to 10:30pm. 

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How To Get To The In-Air Garden

The entrance way to the In-Air Garden at the Umeda Sky Building Observatory is on the 39th floor, but you first have to ride the elevator to the 35th floor, then take the escalator to it.

The glass on the escalator to the 35th floor is see through, so you can see the whole of Osaka while going up.

That being said, those who are afraid of heights can rest easy as the escalator flooring and handrails aren’t see through.

There is a ticket counter on the 39th floor where you can buy the entrance tickets.

There is also a souvenir shop with where you can buy souvenirs and memorial goods on the same floor.

From there, when you go up a floor, you will reach the In-Air Garden.

The In-Air Garden Observatory

The Observatory in the In-Air Garden is 170m in the air with glass windows surrounding you, so even if the weather is a bit heavy, you will be able to enjoy the night view of Osaka.

There is an artistically designed bench installed at the observatory so you can relax at the bench while enjoying the nighttime view.

The design of the bench also changes a few times a year, so you can still feel that fresh feeling.

There is also a chair that is shaped like a snail which is popular among couples. To sit on it, you have to go high up spiraling stairs which should do for a good spot to make memories.

You can see not just the view of Osaka, but also low flying planes and the view of the lit up river.

There Is A Shrine Popular With Couples On The In-Air Garden!?

Daimyojin enshrined at the In-Air Garden has the Gift Of Matchmaking, which is why it is popular with couples.

You can test your love luck with an Omikuji or buy a heart shaped padlock!

It is said that if you get yours and your significant other’s name carved into the padlock and lock it onto the promise fence in the In-Air Garden, you will be forever in love!

You Can See Fireworks In September!

Although it is seasonal, you can watch the fireworks exhibit in August which will be held at the river near Osaka Station.

Viewing fireworks from below is certainly nice, but from the In-Air Garden’s Observatory, you will be able to see the fireworks from right beside it!

Due to its immense popularity though, you can only get a ticket by buying and winning it in a lottery.

The reason for its popularity is that you don’t just get to watch pretty fireworks from a different angle, but you do all that in an air-conditioned environment!

Because this is the only time a lottery is done, the right to participate isn’t sold on the 39th floor but instead the internet!

The Skywalk


The Skywalk, which is located on the 40th floor, connects the 2 buildings roofs and is very famous.

You can enjoy the view from the 173m long skywalk which doesn’t lose in charm to the observatory.

The skywalk is framed but everything else is made of glass, but the floor and areas on a lower altitude are not see-through.

The floor of the skywalk has stones that light up when it gets dark, creating an illuminated fantastical scenery to enjoy while on the move.

You may not be able to enjoy the stones during the day, but you can enjoy the blue sky and the open feeling of having a walk in the sky.

The aforementioned promise fence is on the west wing of the building you can get to buy crossing the skywalk.

The Illumination Deck

At the Illumination Deck, there is not only the Promise Fence to lock you heart shaped padlock on but also a spot to enjoy the view.

There are many red seats, for couples to sit on, placed all over. From these seats, you and your significant other can see Osaka from angles that you wouldn’t normally be able to see from the other side of the observatory.

Restaurant Info

After taking in the view fully from the observatory, you can enjoy some delicious food along with a great view on the 39th floor.

There are many stylish restaurants that couples can enjoy, and even more that even families can enjoy.

If you want to know about our recommended restaurants then go here↓

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A Retro Space On B1 Floor

The main tourist spot in the Umeda Sky Building isn’t the In-Air Garden. The main tourist spot is 1 floor below the ground floor: the replication of the retro atmosphere of the Showa period, Takimikoji.

At the Takimikoji, there is an old hand pump well and old signs implemented. It even has a retro 3 wheeler bicycle on display!

It is as if you time slipped back into the Showa period.

Furthermore, near the building are an oasis of green and a large green wall in this large city.

The most charming thing about the Umeda Sky Building is the In-Air Garden Observatory, but there are many more things there for you to enjoy!

Useful Tour Info On The Umeda Area

In this part, we have listed recommended articles for those who plan on touring through the Umeda area.

Please, go ahead and use this info as your reference!

【Umeda Sky Building Observatory】Basic Info About Accessing And Parking