For those who are thinking,
「I want to go watch a movie near the Osaka Station!」
「What kind of theater is the Theatre Umeda?」
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What we, the information brokers of Japan would like to introduce to you in this article is a movie theater located in the Loft Umeda Shop, the Theatre Umeda!

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What is the Theatre Umeda?

The Theatre Umeda is a theater located in the Loft Umeda Shop.

It is an independent styled cinema. Unfortunately, it isn’t large scale and they don’t have many screens.

They only have 2 screens with the seat number being 96 and 60.

It’s definitely not a major theater, but it does have a deep rooted popularity for showing great movies.

Access Info

The nearest stations to the theater are the JR Osaka Station, the private railway, and the Umeda Station on the Subway Line.

Although, it is a bit far from the stations. Even the nearest station, the Hankyu Umeda Station, is about 10 minutes away.

There is also the Hanshin Umeda Station or the Nishi Umeda Station on the Subway Line which is 20 minutes away.

It is located along Shimmido-suji, on the underground 1st floor of a building that has a Loft in it.

For the most part, just head towards the Hankyu Station and walk along its East side toward north.

When you turn at where the station building cuts off, you will have arrived to the Theatre Umeda.

You can also go by car!

You just have to head north through the Doyama intersection of Shimmido-suji.

There is even also a parking lot at the Loft.

There is even a discount service where if you use more than 3000 yen at the theater or the Loft then the first hour of parking is free.

Business Hours & Showing Times

As it is a movie theater, the business hours aren’t important. What is important is the specific time of when the movie you want to see starts.

Through the link, listed below, you will be able to check what movies are showing and when they are showing!

Click here for the official website!

Price Info & Discount Info

Theatre Umeda Umeda Theater

The general ticket price is the same with virtually every other movie theater in Japan, which is 1800 yen for the general public.

Just like other theaters as well, there are discount services for school students and others types of people so they can watch a movie more conveniently.

For example, Uni students tickets are 1500 yen. Elementary school student to high school student tickets are worth 1000 yen.

If you are over 60 then you get the senior discount price which is 1100 yen.

To get these discounts you must show your student ID or student handbook or something that shows your age.

There is also a members card that members get and their tickets are 1300 yen.

Price Info

  • General Price:1,800 yen
  • Uni・Vocational School Student Pice:1,500 yen
  • High・Middle・Elementary School Student Price:1,000 yen
  • Infants(Over 3 years old):1,000 yen(※Certain movies allow for this discount to work for 2 year olds.)
  • Senior Price(Over 60 years old):1,100 yen
  • Couple 50 Price(Either one must be 50 or over.):2,200 yen as a couple
  • Handicap Price(Only 1 accompanying person as well.):1,000 yen
  • Tokyo Theatre Mutual Viewing Ticket:1,500 yen
  • 3D Movies:Corresponding Viewing Price+400 yen
  • TCG Members Card Member Price:1,300 yen

Service Day Info

  • Happy Tuesday(Every week Tuesday)Member:1,000 yen
  • Happy Thursday(Every week Thursday)Member:1,000 yen
  • Wednesday Service Day(Every week Wednesday):1,100 yen
  • Sunday Night Discount(After 8 pm on Sunday):1,300 yen
  • Movie Day(The 1st day of every month):1,100 yen