For those who are thinking,

「I want to kill time on a train with a book!」

「Isn’t there a bookstore near the station in the Umeda area?」

「I wanna know more about the Hankyu Kosho-no-machi!」

then this article is for you!

Hello! WABI SABI here,to give foreign visitors the information you need in order to further enjoy Japan!

What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is one bookstore in the Umeda area that we recommend, the “Books Kinokunoya Umeda Main Store”!

Now let’s get right into it!

What Kind Of Place Is The Hankyu Kosho-no-machi!

It is said to be fun just looking through Hankyu Kosho-no-machi.

The remodel has transformed the bookstore from a typical atmosphere to one of a modern Japanese aesthetic.

The remodel has improved its appearance, and given it more approachable appeal, as said by many.

It had a characteristic look to it, but after the remodel, the colors and design really came together.

They sell second hand books even with how modern it looks. They even sell rare ones that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

The atmosphere of the old bookstore was more for second-hand book maniacs.

There are 12 different characteristic shops lined with many books on sale, making this heaven for people who love books.

Access Info And Business Hours


It is about a minute walk from the Hankyu line Umeda station.

It is also about a 4 minute walk from JR Osaka Station and Umeda Station on the Municipal Subway Midosuji Line.

It is located in a spot that is convenient for when coming back home from shopping in Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka.

The business hours of Hankyu Kosho-no-machi are from 11am to 8pm.

Every wednesday is a regular holiday, so be careful when planning to come here.

At the second-hand book shopping district in the viaducts of Hankyu, there are shops that sell beauty items, old coins, and tickets.

This Is The Best Part Of Hankyu Kosho-no-machi!

One of the charms of Hankyu Kosho-no-machi is the large amounts of second-hand books.

There are many valuable books, and it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that this is the only place to have as many valuable books in Osaka.

As there are many eateries lined up, you can leisurely eat and enjoy your time like the many families that come.

A list of the 40th anniversary Hankyu Kosho-no-machi books is also available, so it can be used as a reference when searching for books.

There are many who are said to have met a very special book. It is also the perfect place to just stand and read while coming back from work.

There is a large variety of rare technical books with some you won’t be able to find in any other store.

There is of course manga and many second-hand books such as western books, beauty books, and other literature.

They have an assortment of historically valuable books and rare comics of varied genres. You can find whatever suits your fancy on the same day among them.

You may even be able to find a book that you’ve wanted to read but couldn’t find anywhere.

The prices are nice and affordable as well!

You can easily find books that would also be sold out at any other shop here as well.

You can easily choose what book you would like as they are lined up according to genre in a clean environment.

This is the perfect place for those who want to calmly choose a book without anybody getting in the way.

Going with your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend or even by yourself will fill you with excitement!

With having a variety of books , it is the perfect place to kill time!

You may be able to meet with an old rare book or even that one book that you gave up on trying to find.

If you love books then spending a day here should be like heaven on earth.

Walking through here should even make your ate a splendid one.