For those who are thinking,
「I want a book that I can read to pass the time on trains!」
「Is there a bookstore in the Umeda area that is near the station?」
「I want info on the Kinokuniya in the Grand Front Osaka!」

then this article is for you!

Hello! WABI SABI here, to give foreign visitors the information you need in order to further enjoy Japan!

What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is a bookstore, that is really close to the JR Osaka Station and the Umeda Stations, called the Kinokuniya in the Grand Front Osaka!

Now let’s get right into it!


If you want to know of a bookstore that keeps both quality and quantity in high regards in the Osaka, Umeda area then we recommend to you the Konikuniya located on the south side 6th floor of the Grand Front Osaka!

Access Info

When accessing it, from the Atrium Square at the central north exit of JR Osaka Station, there is a pathway directly connecting to the connecting deck on the second floor to the Grand Front South Building so you easily be able to get there.

It is right in the middle of many restaurants and other shops so it should be easy to navigate for first tiers coming to the Grand Front Osaka.

Business Hours & Holidays

The business hours are from 10 am to 9 pm so you can enjoy it as much as you want on your way back from work.

Other than New Years, they do not take breaks, so you will be able to enjoy your free time here!

This Is The Charm Of The Kinokuniya In The Grand Front Osaka!

In this part, we will explain the charms and highlights of the Kinokuniya Bookstore in the Grant Front Osaka South Side 6th Floor.

It Is Easy To Find Books In This Large Store!

On top of the number of books being massive, another charm point is the fact that the walkways are wide so you can leisurely walk through the store.

You can search up a book on their official website or when you get there on their terminal device to see if they have the book that you are looking for, so there is no need for you to walk around too much.

Click here for their book search site!

A Bookstore Even Kids Can Enjoy!

There is a space for just picture books that not only charm children, but adults too. The space is also made to accommodate small children that move around a lot.

As it is important to match the targeted age of the book with the readers age, the Kinokuniya at the Grand Front has sorted them by age, making it easier to pick a book without having to check them every time.

The picture book corner has a circular sofa and toys, making it the perfect space for kids to spend their time in.

You Can Relax With The Other Things They Have In Store!

The Kinokuniya Bookstore in the Grant Front Osaka, South side, 6th Floor, is known for its new business form.

It is not a normal bookstore, it also has a coffee shop and a stationary store installed.

Both are relatively famous stores where you can relax with a good book and coffee or get whatever you need for school or work.

With many stores being placed in one spot, you can many things done in one go!

In the more recent large scale bookstores, they would have reading spaces ready for use, but you will definitely be charmed by how you can read your book in a real cafe here!

The Different Ways To Pay And A Reservation Service From The Web!!

Grant Front Osaka South Side 6th Floor Kinokuniya Book Store Pay

Another one of its features is that you can not only use the point cards or gift cards from Kinokuniya, but you can also use the points from other businesses.

You can also have them set aside a book for you though calling them or the web.

Click here to make our book reservations!

They Have Many Events!

Many people may already know the bookstores name as there have been many events with idols and young actors commemorating the release of their photo albums and holding meet and greets.

Other than hit comics that have been animated or turned into a drama series, they also have foreign books and magazines as well.

Click here for more details!

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