This article is about the popular Udon shop in Osaka that has won the first place in the Udon section of the eating log website in Japan “Handmade Udon Rakuraku”.

What kind of place is「Handmade Udon Rakuraku」

“Handmade Udon Rakuraku”, a store in Osaka, is a very popular restaurant that has won the top spot in the Udon section of the food log website in Japan. “Handmade Udon Rakuraku” is the number one in the country, and many people, including udon enthusiasts and gourmets, carry their feet every day and are very busy. It cost cheaply that you can eat at a very reasonable price of just 1000 yen.

The beauty of「Handmade Udon Rakuraku」

“Handmade Udon Rakuraku”, which won the No. 1 ranking in the Udon section of the eating log website in Japan, has many attractive features. In this section, we will introduce the beauty of “Handmade Udon Rakuraku”.

Menu changes every season

In “Handmade Udon Rakuraku”, the types of noodles are made according to the season! As summer becomes a menu centered with cold udon, it has been devised to change the composition of the ingredients of the noodles and make them into optimal noodles so that the udon itself has its own stiffness and elasticity. The noodles are made so that even if it is warm udon, elasticity is born because it becomes too soft with normal noodles to become a warm udon-centered menu in winter. By hand-made udon to match the menu every season, “Handmade Udon Rakuraku” keeps its original taste! Of course, you can eat warm and cold udon at any time, so, please visit.

Sanuki Udon!

You can taste the softness and elasticity of “Handmade Udon Rakuraku” Udon just here. It’s pressure cooker that produces such “Handmade Udon Rakuraku” udon noodles! By boiling the noodles in a pressure cooker, it produces its own unique stiffness and elasticity. Udon of “Handmade Udon Rakuraku” which is produced with strong Kosi and elasticity close to Sanuki Udon is an article worth noting to love Udon!


It has a reasonable price including Kuroge Wagyu Beef !

Udon noodles made of high-quality Japanese-style beef with a menu popular for Handmade Udon Rakuraku. The menu changes depending on the season, such as “Japanese beef steak” in summer and “Kuroge beef pot” in winter. Both can be eaten for just 1000 yen, and it is one of the popular dishes.


Handmade Udon Rakuraku

Address: 〒 576-0054 Ikuno 6-6-1, Katano City, Osaka Prefecture

Phone number: 072-891-8833

Opening hours: 11:00 to 15:00

Regular holiday: Monday

Reservation: Not possible