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If it’s your first time coming to Japan, you may have already wondered, “Why is everyone wearing a surgical mask?.” It can be creepy especially if you do not know the reason behind it. There could be a virus spreading or it may be the end of the world?! We never know. However, do not worry because there are several reasons to why and you will surely not die from it.

Recovering from an illness


Japanese people are quite sensitive when it comes to viruses. Especially during the cold season, Influenza spread out easily and if you do not wear a mask, there will be a high chance that you will also be affected. Due to this, many Japanese people wear masks in order to protect themselves or to avoid spreading their own virus to other people.

Privacy, Privacy ,Privacy

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Just because they are outside their homes does not mean that they are in their best mood. They may be going home tired from work, or in a lack of sleep or is just simply not in the mood to listen to your stories. When a person wears a mask, they automatically become very hard to approach. They are also very difficult to recognize, making it easier to avoid an acquaintance. It may sound rude to some, however, keep in mind that not everyone is always having a great day. Some need this privacy time to keep themselves together, especially for the very busy Japanese people.



Yes, you read it correctly. To some Japanese people, especially the younger generation, wearing a mask is like wearing an accessory to upgrade your fashion. In Japan, there is also a term “Mask Bijin” or a woman beautiful in mask. When wearing a mask, it hides half of our face and only shows our eyes. For women who are not confident with themselves, this is a fashion statement that gives them confidence. Today, masks are improving in Japan and there are masks that are color pink or designed with polka dots or floral patterns. In addition, it is also said that wearing a mask helps you lose weight!! Hmmm – maybe it definitely is worth the try!


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During the winter season, even if we have scarves, earmuffs or knitted caps, our faces will still be freezing! How do Japanese people prevent this? – they wear surgical masks!!! It does not sound very convincing but it actually works very well. Surgical mask products in Japan are becoming thicker to adapt to this new routine, making it very famous among Japanese people. It also prevents people from spreading germs, especially during the winter where sneezing and coughing increases dramatically!


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We all have our own individual insecurities, even if it’s just a lazy day where you do not want to put on your make up. Do not worry because surgical masks is here to save the day!! Japanese people takes beauty seriously alike Korean people. They do not want to be seen in their worst moments. That is why many celebrities who do not wear make up wear masks instead. Surgical masks are the perfect size to cover up what you do not want to be seen and it also helps to prevent your skin from drying!

They’re sick

They are simply sick. Japanese people are hard workers to the point that even if they have a fever, they still go to work. This is the biggest reason why everyone wears a mask. In a country where the train is mostly used for transportation, it is impossible to avoid sick people. Some may wonder why they have to force themselves to work, but this is normal to Japanese culture. Taking a day off is actually more uncommon because they respect their bosses way too seriously and are afraid to disappoint, which is sad but true

Surgical Masks has been a long companion of Japanese people and it has become an important part of their lives. When coming to Japan, there are various types of mask that you will only see here! Try some on your trip and experience for yourself the convenience that Japanese people can’t get enough of!