【Strawberry Mania】is a very famous strawberry sweets specialist shop located in Shinsaibashi, Osaka where hundreds of gourmet shop gathers.  In this article, we would like to introduce the charm point of 【Strawberry Mania】!!

What is 【Strawberry Mania】?


【Strawberry Mania】recently opened in June 15th, 2018. It is only a 400 meters walk from “Shinsaibashi Station” so the access is quite convenient. The shop is famous for the variety of authentic strawberry sweets, making it crowded ever since it opened. There are 2 floors in the shop. The 1st floor is for takeout’s and the 2nd floor is a café space. Most customers are seen lining up in the takeout section.

Under the cash register, you can see various strawberry dessert lined up to choose from! It is given a good reputation from customers for its cute appearance!

The theme of the interior design is “Strawberry.” The design is so adorable that it is truly an Instagram-worthy shop! Also, due to this reason, most customers are female.

Exquisite Strawberry Sweets!

Strawberry Mania

「Today’s Freshly Harvested Strawberry Skewer」is a simple yet adorable dish and is popular for its unique appearance. However, not only its appearance but also its flavor is what makes it famous. If you want to truly enjoy the flavor of an authentic strawberry, this is the dish for you! It is also recommended if you want to eat while enjoying your walk. The price is300 yen!

「Red Strawberry Éclair」is a dessert in which a 「Whipped Cream、Chocolate Cream and Strawberry」is filled in between the red dough. It may sound very sweet, however, because the dough is only lightly sweetened and the amount of strawberry is abundant, customers can truly enjoy the flavor of the strawberry! The price is 420 yen.

The「Strawberry Shaved Ice」is only limited to 15 servings. The appearance is so adorable that many purchase it to post on their SNS’s. Inside the dessert is a「Condensed Milk、Strawberry Jam and a Strawberry」. This is the perfect dessert if you want to cool yourself!


Strawberry Mania

In【Strawberry Mania】,there are various desserts that only uses strawberries. There are dishes you can enjoy while walking and there are also those you can savour while relaxing inside the café! In fact, there many desserts you can enjoy the way you want to! If you are a strawberry lover, this café will satisfy your strawberry desire!

Access Information

【Strawberry Mania】

Address:Osakafu Osakashi Chuoku Shinsaibashi 2-7 (大阪府大阪市中央区心斎橋2-7)
Business Hours:11:00-
Nearest Station:OsakaMetro Midosuji Railways「Shinsaibashi Station」
Access:400 meters from「Shinsaibashi Station」
Price Range:~1,500 yen
Payment Method:Credit Cards Allowed
Phone Number:06-6226-7975
Official Homepage:-