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What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you today is a famous mountain that is in Shiga prefecture, Mt. Gozaisho!

Let’s get right into the useful information that you would want to know about before visiting Mt. Gozaisho, which has been registered in various famos mountains!

【First】What Kind of Mountain is Mt. Gozaisho?

Mt. Gozaisho is a mountain with an altitude of 1212m. It is located on the border between Higashi-Omi City, Shiga Prefecture and Mie Prefecture and is considered the main peak of the Suzuka Mountains.

Located in the Suzuka National Park designated in 1968, it is popular as one of the best scenic spots in Shiga Prefecture.

This famous mountain charms mountain climbing visitors with how it changes in appearance along with the seasons.

You can enjoy the leisure of the outdoors on this mountain by doing things such as rock climbing and, when it becomes winter, skiing.

It is counted as one of Japan’s two hundred famous mountains and mountain climbing visitors from all over Japan come to visit.

Mt. Gozaisho Changing Along with the Seasons

The highlight of Mt. Gozaisho is definitely the beautiful nature view.

You can get to the top of the mountain with ease as there is a ropeway leading up there.

The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular and the different views depending on the seasons is charming.

The Autumn leaves season is especially popular with the red, yellow, and orange trees coloring the mountains.

The Autumn leaves go from mid-October to the end of November and many mountain climbers and tourists visit to enjoy the sight.

You can enjoy the colorful mountain scenery from not only the top of the mountain but also from the ropeway.

Furthermore、in spring, you can enjoy beautiful flowers unique to this season, such as Yamazakura, Kobayomitsu Azalea, Witch Hazel, Iwakagami,Tateyamarindo, Dodan Azalea.

As the season progresses、plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, Akayashi, and Shiroyashi also bloom beautifully.

There are many azaleas on the top of the mountain, and cute pink and white flowers brighten the mountain.

You can also enjoy Japan’s old and cultural scenery as red dragonflies fly around. 

It is also perfect for those who want to cool off, using it as a summer resort.

There is also a ski resort、so it can also serve as a leisurely snow resort that people can enjoy.

The beautiful white snowy scenery is very charming compared to the scenery of the other seasons.

The ski resort has a veteran course, beginner course, and an area to enjoy sledding so it is also popular with visiting families.

Many people come to climb the mountain in winter and are able to see the beautiful frost-covered trees.

The Frost-Covered Trees of the Suzuka Mountains

The frost-covered trees of the Suzuka Mountains can be seen from the end of December to mid-March.

As romantic as it is, if the right weather conditions aren’t met then the rime won’t appear.

So you can’t necessarily see it even during those times, unfortunately.

Because of it being such a rarity, it has garnered popularity. Those who see them will surely be happy with what they see!

The conditions are if there is any humidity, wind, or if the temperature is below freezing level.

The naturally made scenery has a kind of quiet calmness to it that differs from something man made!

The best time that you’ll be able to see it is during January and February.

So to those that especially want to see the frost covered trees, we definitely recommend going during that time!

A Hot Spring At The Foot of the Mountain?!

At the foot of Mt. Gozaisho there is a Yunoyama Onsen!

After mountain climbing or Skiing, you can also enjoy yourself by relaxing and warming up your body at their Onsen.

Yunoyama Onsen has many kinds of hotels and inns but none of them can beat the popularity that their Onsens have garnered!

The whole city is has a calm feeling to it so you can leisurely enjoy the beautiful nature and Onsen.

There is a characteristic richness to the many inns and hotels there!

【A Must See For Veterans!】Rock Climbing!

There are many rocky places on Mt. Gozaisho where rock climbers can enjoy themselves!

There is the Tounaiheki which is, which is famous for being able to be used as a veterans rock climbing course.

【A Must See For Examinees!】A Power Spot For Passing Tests「Jizo-iwa」


The are many strangely shaped miracle rocks that tourists also come to see.

There is the Jizo-iwa that is two boulders with a square like rock on top as though it was put up like so.

Because the rock never falls (falling being the same word as failing in Japanese), the Jizo-iwa has gained popularity among students aiming to pass exams.

People from all over the country come to visit during exam season.

The Strangely Shaped Boulder That Can Be Seen From the Ropeway

Takami-iwa and Ebisu-iwa is another one of the scenic spots that can be seen from the ropeway.

There are many people that take pictures that have the boulders look paired together.

Being able to view the strangely shaped boulders along with the seasonal change in scenery and enjoying such natural scenery is another one of Mt. Gozaisho’s charming points.

Mountain Climbing Information

Mountain Climbing

There is a number of mountain climbing courses on Mt. Gozaisho that each feel different from each other.

There is the Gozaisho Ropeway course, Kunimidake course, and the Buhei-touge course.

The Gozaisho ropeway can be used on the route that tourists generally go on.

Here is more information in detail

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Access Method

Take the Mie Kotsu Bus from Kintetsu Yunoyama Onsen Station for about 10 minutes!

When you get off at the Yunoyama Onsen stop the ropeway will be right in front of you.

It’ll take about 12 minutes to get to the top of the mountain using the ropeway.

When using a bus from the Nagoya district, there will be a bus leaving from the Meitetsu bus center.

The bus ride is for about an hour and you get off at  the Yunoyama Onsen bus stop.

If you want to come by car, get off at the Sagano IC on the Shinmeijin Expressway and it is about 10 minutes away.

It takes about 25 minutes by car from Nagoya Nishi IC on the Higashi-meihan Expressway to Sagano IC.

If you are coming from the Hamamatsu district, it is expected to take about an hour and a half from Hamamatsu IC to Sagano IC on the Tomei Expressway

If you are coming from the Hida district, it takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes from Hida Kiyomi IC on the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway to Komono IC.

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