The Shibaken is a species of a dog that originated in Japan. There is also a natural monument of a Shibaken in Japan. Many of this species are loved and owned by many Japanese, however, is also becoming a popular species overseas! In this article, we would like to introduce the charms of the Shibaken.

What is a「Shibaken 柴犬」?


The Shibaken is a species that originated in Japan. It is a small dog. The height of the male is about 40cm and the female is about 36 cm. The Shibaken is the dog species that is most owned by Japanese people and a national monument was built in the year 1936. Depending on the region, the species can vary.

What are its characteristics?


  • Appearance

The Shibaken is a small dog but its facial features is strongly built and can be similar to a fox or raccoon.  Its cheeks has a very fatty tissue and is quite soft and chubby. Its tail is known for its twirling shape. Some dogs tail twirls in the left, right, and some only half of it.  Its ears is also famous for its popping triangular shape!

  • Fur Color

The Shibaken has 4 different types of fur color and they are red, black, white and sesame color. 80 % of the Shibaken has a red color and its the color that people first think of when they hear the species, Shibaken. Only 10 % of the Shibaken has a black fur and is quite unique. The white fur is rarer than the black fur. The sesame fur is the rarest.

  • Personality

The Shibaken is clever, courageous, faithful,  cautious and lively. It is very cautious to strangers, but very faithful and charming to its master. It is also very courageous because it has the blood of a wolf.

The History of「Shibaken 柴犬」


  1. During the Jomon Period, the bone of the Shibaken was found in the remains and was said to be the ancestor of the species. Ever since then, the human and the Shibaken started to live together.
  2. In the Modern Period, the Shibaken was used for haunting smaller animals and was said to breed in mountainous region.
  3. From Meiji~Taisho Period, western breed dogs were imported from foreign countries. From this period, mixed species of the Shibaken increased significantly.
  4. In the Showa Period, pure Shibaken became fewer than the mixed Shibaken. In 1928, the act to prevent Shibaken from extinction began. In the 1936, a national monument of the Shibaken was built.
  5. In the present day, Shibaken lovers strongly protects the species from extinction and once again started an act to increase its breed. It is also becoming a famous breed overseas that professional Shibaken breeders are now existing.

Also Popular in The Overseas !?


In the overseas Shibaken’s are

  • Charming、Lovable
  • Faithful to its Master
  • Very Cute Appearance

these were some reasons to why Shibaken are famous to foreign people, especially between celebrities.

Famous Japanese Owners of「 Shibaken 柴犬」

Many Japanese people have Shibaken as their pet. Among them are famous people like「Ichiro・Kazunari Ninomiya and JUJU」.