Located at Tokiwa, Kyoto is the Ramen Tengu Tokiwa Shop. It is no exaggeration to say that this ramen shop truly represents the Kyoto taste it is proud of. Taking over the flavor of the famous ramen shop, Sugi Chiyo, it is a ramen shop that is loved by many people, especially the locals. In this article, we would like to introduce you more about Ramen Tengu Tokiwa Shop.

What is “Ramen Tengu Tokiwa Shop?”

Ramen Tengu

This Ramen Shop officially opened in the year 2013. Customers can get here by walking 3 minutes from the “Tokiwa Station.” Its convenient access is one of the reasons to its popularity. The shop is open until 2 a.m. in the morning and many customers still visit the shop to eat even during those hours. It took over the famous flavor of a very popular ramen shop in the past called, Sugi Chiyo , which is already closed today, making this new ramen shop loved by ramen maniacs. There is a parking lot for customers so it is also optional to go by car.

There is a counter seat, table seat and tatami room inside the shop. Everything is beautifully designed and organized so it is very wide inside. On the walls, there are signatures of famous people framed and decorated.

The Exquisite Ramen That Took Over “Sugi Chiyo”

Tengu Ramen

The soup of the Tengu Ramen mainly has a thick texture and its flavor is a mixture of chicken and pork. At first, the taste is very light then comes after the rich flavor of the soup. The noodles is very thin so it is very easy to slurp and the thick soup wraps around it making the flavor really rich. For toppings, there is the green onions where customers can add as much as they like. Roasted Pork Fillet is also available and this ramen uses a boneless pork rib, so it is very thick and filled with juicy flavor. Overall, the combination is perfect and customers can enjoy the flavor of everything. The price range is (normal serving 750 yen / super size serving 850 yen).


This Ramen Shop also has another shop in Nishijin. This shop is a bit far from the “Imadegawa Station,” so it is recommended to go by car. If you want to enjoy the flavors of Kyoto, this ramen shop is perfect for you!

Access Information

Tokiwa Shop
  • Address : Kyotofu Kyotoshi Saikyouku Tokiwakitaurachou 1
  • Business Hours : 11:30 ~2:00
  • Holiday : —
  • Languages : —
  • Nearest Station : Keifuku Electric Railway “Tokiwa Station”
  • Access : 3 minutes walk from “Tokiwa Station”
  • Price Range : ~999 yen
  • Phone Number : 075-872-7223
  • Official Homepage :
Nishijin Shop
  • Address : Kyotofu Kyotoshi Kamigyouku Itsutsujiomiya Nishiri Itsutsujicho 63
  • Business Hours : 11:30 ~ 23:00
  • Holiday : —
  • Languages : —
  • Nearest Station : Kyotoshiei Karasuma “Imadegawa Station”
  • Access : 1 km from “Imadegawa Station”
  • Price : ~999 yen
  • Phone Number : 075-411-8292
  • Official Homepage :