Located at Higashiyama, Kyoto is the Ramen Non. The ramen shop is famous for not having a ramen with chemical seasoning because it concentrates on its natural flavor! In this article, we will introduce further details about this ramen shop!

What is Ramen Non?

Ramen Non is located at Higashiyama, Kyoto and opened in 2016, March. The access is only a 3 minutes walk from Gion Shijo Station. This ramen shop concentrates on the flavor of each ingredients and does not use a single chemical seasoning. Their noodles are also originally homemade. The shop looks very small from the outside, however, it looks like a very stylish bar from the inside. Only counter seats are available and most of the customers are foreign tourists.Ramen in Kyoto

The Exquisite “Special Salt Ramen”

The Special Salt Ramen uses a plain hot water as soup. Visually, it looks very muddy but the taste itself is quite refreshing and the soup is rich with flavor, so it’s actually very easy to drink. Customers can choose the thickness of the noodles from thick to thin. All the noodles are a 100 % Domestic Wheat Noodles and are a little bit hard in texture. Due to all this particularity, the noodles and soup go together quite well. The toppings are Menma, Chopped Green Onions, White Hair Green Onions, Red Pepper and Roasted Pork Fillet. The Roasted Pork Fillet has the right amount of fat in it. Moreover, because the pork was marinated in a special sauce for long hours, the taste becomes sweeter and sweeter in every bite. The price is 980 yen. If you want more noodles it will cost you 100 yen. For seconds, if you want more noodles but not too many, the price will be 50 yen.Ramen in Kyoto

Access Information

  • Address : Kyotofu Kyotoshi Higashiyamaku Kamei 59
  • Business Hours : Weekdays 11:30 ~ 23:00 / Weekends 11:00 ~ 21:00
  • Holiday : none
  • Languages : —
  • Nearest Station : Keihan Railway “Gion Shijo Station”
  • Access : 3 minutes walk from Gion Shijo Station
  • Price Range : ~999yen
  • Payment Method : No Credit Cards
  • Phone Number : 075-525-8440
  • Official Homepage :