What is a holiday

A holiday is a day related to the events in the country like its foundation or independence.

• New Year’s Day ( January 1)

New Year’s Day ( January 1)

New Year’s Day is the day to celebrate the visit of the new year. The morning of this day is called “ gantan”. The kanji of its “tan” represents the landscape of sunrise.
How to spend this day…
1. Pay the New Year’s first visit to a shrine
2. Watch the first sunrise of the year
3. Eat “osechi”

• National Foundation Day (February 11)


National Foundation Day was set in 1966. In Japan, the day of foundation is not clear. Therefore, this Day was decided owe to a myth of Japan.
How to spend this day…
1. Enjoy the celebration parade

• Vernal Equinox Day (March 21 or 22)

Japan has clear four seasons. As it comes to summer, the time of the day gets longer and night gets shorter. On the other hand, in winter, the daytime becomes short and night becomes long. Vernal Equinox Day is the day that the time of day and night is almost same. It means this day is a change of season. Vernal Equinox Day is on March 20 or 21. This is decided by the official gazette every February.
How to spend this day…
In March, ume blooms beautifully on many places. A lot of ume festivals are held. Why don’t you enjoy ume-viewing?

• Showa Day (April 29)

“Showa” is one of the names of imperial era in Japan. In 2007, this day was set and amended. It was called Greed Day till 2006.

• Constitution Day (May 3)

Constitution Day is included in “Golden Week” which is a series of national holidays fall in close succession around early May. In 1948, it was set as the holiday.

• Green Day (May 4)

Green Day is included in “Golden Week”. Green Day was set to appreciate to the blessings of nature. Moreover, it is to nature an abundant hart. There are Constitution Day on May 3 and Children’s Day on May 5. Therefore, to make consecutive holidays, Green Day was set to May 4.

• Children’s Day (May 5)

Children’s Day is included in “ Golden Week” and is the Boy’s Festival. This day was set to honor children’s personalities and bless them. At the same time, it is important to appreciate their mothers.
How to spend “Golden Week”…
There are a lot of festivals and events during these holidays. It is good to take a trip or do something what you can’t do usually.

• Marine Day (The 3rd Monday in July)

Marine Day is on the 3rd Monday in July. This year, Marine Day is on July 15. Specially, in 2020, the day is 23rd because of the Tokyo Olympic. Marine Day is to thank to marine products and wish the prosperity of Japan.
How to spend this day…
1. Go out camping
2. Go for a swim in the ocean
3. Go to an underwater park
4. Eat marine products

• Mountain Day (August 11)

Mountain Day is to thank to the blessing of nature and mountains. Specially in 2020, this day is on August 10because of the Tokyo Olympic.
How to spend this day…
1. Go to hiking
2. Thank to nature

• Respect for the Aged Day (The 3rd Monday in September)

Respect for the Aged Day is on the 3rd Monday in September. This day is to respect senior citizens and wish their long lives.
How to spend this day…
1. Present something to your grandmother and grandfather

• Autumnal Equinox Day (September 22 or 23)

Autumnal Equinox Day is on September 22 or 23. This day is to honor ancestors and remember the deceased.
How to spend this day…
1. Virus the ancestor’s grave

• Health-Sports Day (The 2nd Monday in October)

Health-Sports Day is on the 2nd Monday in October. The purpose of this day is to become interested in sports and foster healthy mind and body. This name of the Day will be changed into “Sports Day” in 2020.
How to spend this day…
1. Enjoy watching sports
2. Enjoy playing sports

• Culture Day (November 3)

Culture Day is on November 3rd. The purpose of this day is to love freedom and peace.
How to spend this day…
There are many events related to arts in a museum.

• Labor Thanksgiving Day (November 23)

In the Reiwa era, this day is the last holiday. This day was set to prize working, congratulate the production, and thank to each other.
How to spend this day…
Many people go out to see red and yellow beautiful leaves in this season.

To sum up

In Japan, there are many holidays and each holiday has each meaning and history. It will help you to plan what to do if you know these holidays.