For those who are thinking,
「I want to do something outdoors that goes along with the seasons!」
「I want to really get into tree climbing!」
then this article is for you!

Hello! WABI SABI here, to give foreign visitors the information you need in order to further enjoy Japan!

What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is the outdoor leisure service that is brought to you by PLUS WILD, “Tree Climbing”!

We will explain in depth about this recommended seasonal spot where you can really experience Tree Climbing.

Now let’s get right into it!

【Firstly】What Is Tree Climbing?

PLUS WILD Tree Climbing

“Tree Climbing”, which is brought to you by the outdoor leisure planning service, PLUS WILD, is an activity here you can experience real tree climbing in a recommended seasonal spot.

Many of you may think “What is [Real Tree Climbing]?”.

In this tree climbing experience, you will use a rope and climbing equipment, differing it from the tree climbing that you used to have done as a child.

This Is The Charm Of Tree Climbing!

PLUS WILD Tree Climbing

The charm of Tree Climbing has to be the recommended seasonal spot in which the activity is held!

As you may know, Japan has seasons.

  • From late March to mid-May, cherry blossoms and new greenery grow in.
  • From the end of May to late September, you can hear the voices of the cicadas and feel the light of the sun shining through the trees and their leaves.
  • From early October to late November,you will be able to see the vibrant autumn leaves.

The natural scenery that is created in each of these seasons is the Tree Climbing activities greatest charm point.

Basic Info

  • Service Name:Tree Climbing
  • Tour Fee:Adults: 8000 yen(Above middle school)/Children: 5000 yen(Elementary school students and above may participate)
  • Held location:The location will be chosen depending on the area.
Area Name Required Time Transportation
Kumagawa Inn
20 Min Car
Recommended Spot 120 Min
20 Min Car
Kumagawa Inn

How To Sign Up For A Tour


When signing up for a tour, please sign up through each of the PLUSWILD corporations official homepages tour pages.

PLUSWILD corporation designs a tour that goes along with the needs and preferences of the customer.

You will be able to enjoy their nature stuffed tours for around 8000 yen.

Click here for the official homepage!

Other Outdoor Leisure Info

At PLUS WILD, which puts together outdoor and leisurely enjoyable tours, they have many services such as recommended tours throughout the 4 seasons.

In this part, we will introduce the recommended leisure tours of PLUS WILD!

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Spring Tour

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Summer Tour

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Autumn Tour

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Winter Tour

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