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「What is that red ferris wheel at Umeda in Osaka?」

「What kind of place is HEP FIVE?」

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What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is the place that you can easily find in Umeda, Osaka with its red ferris wheel, HEP FIVE!

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Have you ever heard of “HEP FIVE”?

For those that have been to Osaka station, we’re sure you have seen a red ferris wheel in the distance.

That is HEP FIVE!

HEP FIVE is a commercial facility that opened in November 1998. It was originally opened as Hankyu Five in 1971, but in 1992 it was moved to the Chayamachi Applause in the Umeda Comastadium.

Accompanying the move, a large scale reconstruction was held. The result of reconstructing the facility and aiming it towards young people was HEP FIVE!

About The HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel


HEP FIVE is one of the rarest buildings in the world as the ferris wheel and the building are one.

The ferris wheel is different from normal ones as inside each room, there are air conditioners and heaters installed so you can feel nice during either summer or winter.

Conventional ferris wheels had the problem of it being too cold or too hot depending on the season, but you can enjoy the beautiful view in the perfect environment at the HEP FIVE ferris wheel. 

What Kind Of Scenery Will I See? How Long Is It?

hepfive Ferris Wheel

Going the full way around takes about 15 minutes, and while it is still bright out you can see everything from the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge to Mount Ikoma!

It isn’t an overstatement in saying that you can see most of Kansai’s famous places from the air.

When night comes, you can enjoy the night lights scenery as well, so it’s double the fun!

They even have a picture taking service so you can cherish the memory. Inside of the carts, there are also signs that simplistically show where you can see other famous locations.

As such, there is no need to worry about trying to find the other famous locations and losing the chance to see the beautiful scenery.

About The Price & Business Times

hepfive Ferris Wheel

The ride is free for children who are 5 years old and younger while everyone else is 600 yen.

The business hours are from 11:00 to 22:45 and the price of a commemorative photo is 1000 yen.

4 people can be in 1 cart and the ferris wheel is 75m in diameter and the height is about 105m.

If you have either an odekake card or a STACIA card for either Hankyu or Hanshin then you can get 100 yen off!

If you still have your riding ticket then there are eateries where you can get discounts so be sure to do your research on this beforehand.

However, due to weather conditions, the ride may be cancelled so be sure to also look this up beforehand as well.

Basic Info

  • Price:600yen(※5 year olds and younger are free)
  • Business Hours:11:00~22:45
  • Commemorative Photo Service:Once for 1000yen
  • Height:Around 105m

There Are Many Other Charms!

Your attention may easily be stolen by the ferris wheel, but there is a lot more charm other then that at HEP FIVE.

In this part, we will list off such charms of HEP FIVE!

It Is Full Of Tricks Visitors Can Enjoy!

At HEP FIVE, there is a whale sculpture made by the world famous artist, Ishii Tatsuya, at the entrance of the facility.

It is 20m long and is an impactfully red in color.

From the first floor to the sixth, there is an open atrium space and there are many who come here to see it!

Other then that is the HEP HALL where many events are held. There are many tricks installed for visitors to find and enjoy each time they come.

There Are A Variety Of Shops!


As this facility aims to be the number one trendy space of Kansai, they have 170 shops that range from brand shops to casual restaurants installed.

Along with being one of the best facilities in Kansai, not only young people but also foreign tourists come to HEP FIVE.

There are also many foreign tourist visitors who repeatedly come to enjoy each of the tricks.

On each floor, there are leaflets for foreign tourists to use and at HP, there is a guide in English, Chinese, and Korean.

As the facility is rather large, you may not know where to start first in touring around, but on the first floor of HEP FIVE, there are information staff that you can ask for recommended spots from.

You Can Leisurely Walk Around Even With A Baby!


The facility has been carefully renovated so visitors can walk around joyfully. There are even a variety services aimed towards families.

There are not only free rentable baby cars, but there is also a completely private breast-feeding room on the fourth floor with pure water heaters for milk preparation and dedicated bathrooms!

Of course, there are baby beds as well, so you can calmly bring your baby and take a breather.

The Floors Business Hours

hepfive Business Hours

All of the floors shops, restaurants, and amusement shops business hours start at 11:00, but end at 21:00, 22:30, and 23:00 respectively, so keep this in mind.

The vacation days are also not set in stone. For example, there may be some shops open on Monday, but others may be closed.

Before visiting, looking up the business hours on the internet should bring you no problems.

Access Info

hepfive Access Info

If you’re going by public transportation then it will be about a 5 minute walk from both of the Umeda stations on either the Hankyu line or Hanshin line.

If you’re going by JR then it should be about a 4 minute walk from the Osaka Station Midosuji Entrance.

Whichever you decide to use, you should be able to see it relatively easy as the building itself stands out.


What do you think?

It is easy to get there, and we think we have sufficiently listed off the charms of HEP FIVE.

The HEP in HEP FIVE means “Hankyu Entertainment Park”. The spirit behind the “Entertainment” is as it shows and it also has the spirit of “Omotenashi” packed into it.

It has the neatness to keep people coming for more so when you visit Japan, why not come and visit it to experience it for yourself?!

Useful Info On Traveling The Umeda Area

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