For those who are thinking,
「I wanna find a date spot in Osaka!」
「What kind of bridge is Tenjinbashi?」
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What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is a bridge that is a counted as one of the 3 Great Bridges of Naniwa, Tenjinbashi!

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The History Of Tenjinbashi

Tenjinbashi Illumination Night View

The bridge that passes through the tip of Nakanoshima and reaches the Yodogawa River, formerly known as the Yodo River, is called Tenjin Bridge and the first bridge was built back to 1594.

When the bridge was first built in 1594, it was called Shinbashi, and as the Ten jinja, or Ten Shrine, was to look over the bridge, it started to be called Tenjinbashi.

You can feel a confident air from the bold yet beautiful arched bridge, but at that time, there was a strong impression that the bridge was even more advanced and revolutionary, so it was designated as a public bridge in 1634.

For that reason, it is known as part of the 3 Great Bridges of Naniwa along with Nambabashi and Tenmabashi. It was also mentioned in a poem as being long and powerful.

Tenjinbashi was kept in its former shape by constructions that happened in 1932 and 1934. There are also 3 continuous arches that curve beautifully which photographers would enjoy and there are many couples that like to talk while enjoying the view.

The Illumination Is A Beautiful Date Spot

Tenjinbashi is very popular as a date spot for couples, especially when the sun goes down, the illumination is breathtaking.

A linear yellow illumination lights up at the top of the bridge, and it is fantastic because the yellow illumination lights along the characteristically beautiful curved arch at the bottom of Tenjinbashi.

Furthermore, since it is a bridge and it is built so as to cross the river, when the illumination lights up, the illumination of the Tenjin Bridge and the lights of surrounding buildings reflect on the river surface and gently sway, so it is perfect if you want to incorporate watching the illumination in your date course!

Access Method

It is convenient to use the subway to get to Tenjinbashi. After getting off at Tenmabashi on the subway Sakaisuji Line or Keihan Main Line, you will arrive there in about 6 minutes on foot.

As you will see from the 6-minute walk, it is easy to access smoothly because it is already in a position that can be visually confirmed from the station, and even after enjoying the illumination at the end of the date, it is easy to get on the train from Tenmabashi Station.