In this article, the nostalgic game “Otedama”「お手玉」will be talked about.

Recenetly, the number of children playing it has dwindled, but we will tell you about its greatness and some interesting facts!

What Is An “Otedama”「お手玉」?

Otedama are small toy bags filled with beans, rice, or prayer bead fruits, sewn together to fit the palm of a hand.

The are many ways you can play with them. You can throw some in the air and catch them or throw them while in sync with music. It resembles juggling in a way.

Interesting Facts About “Otedama”「お手玉」

In this part, we will tell you about the interesting facts of “Otedama”「お手玉」!

What’re Its Origins? Shotoku Taishi Even Played With Them!?


Its origin is said to be when European nomads created them by putting seeds in a bag.

It is said that, the idea came to Japan in the Nara period, with those calling it an “Ishinatori-dama”「石名取玉」for having been filled small rocks or crystals.

It is even said that a historical figure that comes up in school text books, Shotoku Taishi, played with them, as the crystal that is said to be used in his was found.

It Is The Origin Of The Phrase “Wrapping Someone Around One’s Finger”「手玉に取る」!?

There is the phrase “Wrapping Someone Around One’s Finger”「手玉に取る」that we use in our normal speech right?

This phrase also comes from “Otedama”「お手玉」!

The phrase “Wrapping Someone Around One’s Finger”「手玉に取る」with the meaning of controlling someone to do exactly as you want, like playing with an Otedama or balls, is what was created

A Knack On How To Get Better At Otedama!

Unlike how it looks, isn’t Otedama hard!?

However, if you are able to get a knack for it, you can get better at it rather quickly.

The knack is to look at the thrown balls and not your hand. Another knack is to go at it rhythmically.

By predicting where the ball will land, it will make it easier to catch. Furthermore, by getting into a rhythm, it will your hands and body move smoothly enough to juggle the Otedama.

Please, try them out!

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