One of the most known Japanese Culture is the Ninja. They became popular mostly because of Japanese Manga’s and Anime’s. Not only the locals but also people around the world knows what a Ninja is. In this article, we would like to introduce more information for you to get to now Ninja’s better!

What is a Ninja?


It is said that the Ninja’s existed between the Muromachi period and the Edo Period. The Ninja’s used Ninjutsu and Kakuran to distract their enemies. Ninja’s mainly did undercover works, terroristic activities and assassinations.

There is a School for Ninja’s!?

There is a school existing only for Ninja’s, however, the characteristics and base differs depending on the school.

  • 伊賀流(Igaryuu) is a Ninja based in Iga. They usually do agricultural works while collecting information’s. They will act once an order is made. There is a class system in the Igaryuu and there are several strict rules they must follow.(※Iga is now a city in Mie Prefecture.)
  • 甲賀流(Koukaryuu) is based in Kouka. It is a Ninja school as popular as of Igaryuu. Similar to Igaryuu, these Ninja’s usually do agricultural works and are hawkers. There are also said to be very good with medicine. There are also strong in shooting and explosion.(※Kouka is now a city in Shiga Prefecture )
  • 風魔(Fuuma) is based in Odawara. These Ninja’s were mainly known as thieves in the Edo Period.  A head of a clan named「風魔小太郎(Fuuma Kotaro)」was very famous.(※Odawara is now as city in Kanagawa Prefecture.)
  • 軒猿(Nokizaru) were Ninja’s working for the Uesugi Clan. The Ninja’s originated when the Chinese Emperor hired a Ninja to work for him.
  • 響談(Kyoudan) was a Ninja working under Oda Nobunaga based in Owari. It is said that these Ninja’s had a connection with the Koukaryuu’s.(※Owari is now a city in Aichi Prefecture.)
  • 三ツ者(Mitsumono) were Ninja’s working for a Samurai named, Takeda Shingen. Takeda Shingen, who has been doing various undercover works won many battles thanks to the Ninja’s.

Reasons Why It Is Famous Overseas

There are several reasons to why Ninja’s receive an overwhelming support from foreign fans.

Reason① Garments


The biggest reason is the Ninja costume. The Ninja’s overall black attire gives a very “cool” impression. Actually, the costume of the famous American Superhero; Batman, was inspired from a Ninja outfit.

Reason ② Japan’s Ninja Manga


Naruto was the first Japanese manga to spread the word, Ninja. It is no exaggeration to say that this anime was the reason why the Ninja became famous worldwide!

Reason ③Loyalty

Japan's Ninja

The Ninja will always follow any mission under the name of its master. They are so loyal that they would take their own lives for their master. Because of this, many foreign fans find their loyalty quite attractive.


What did you think? There are various kinds of Ninja existing and their characteristics also differs. Did you find out which Ninja you knew from their school?

It is believed that the fame of Ninja will still continue to rise and it really is something to look forward to!