In this article, we would like to introduce a Japanese Garden in the Ancient Capital of Nara, which is the Yoshikien「吉城園」.

What is Yoshikien?

Yoshikien , which is a Japanese Garden located in Nara, is near the famous Nara Park.

Near the Yoshikien is another famous Japanese Garden, the Izuien or Izui Park. Both places are a famous spot in the ancient capital of Nara, Japan.

Compared to the Izuien, Yoshikien is smaller, however, visitors can enjoy a different scenery when the seasons change and the entrance fee is cheaper. The place is perfect if you want to lightly enjoy some of Nara’s scenery.

The History of Yoshikien

Originally, the spot where Yoshikien is located was the Manishuin 摩尼珠院 of the Kofukuji Jiin 興福寺子院.

Afterwards, during the Meiji Period, the owner of the land became a civilian and on 1919, built the Japanese Garden that we see today. In 1989, the place became an important property of Nara and has been open to the public ever since.

The Highlight Places of Yoshikien

The first highlight of the Yoshikien is the visitors can feel the season of four seasons in the Japanese Garden.

When visitors enter the Yoshikien, the first thing they will see is the Pond Garden.

In the Pond Garden grows seasonal plants. Azaleas in Spring and Yellow Leaves on Fall. Visitors can enjoy a whole different scenery!

The second highlight is the Old Masanori Institute’s Residence「旧正法院家住宅」that is a designated tangible cultural property指定有形文化財 of Nara.

While the Old Masanori Institute’s Residence「旧正法院家住宅」incorporates the know-how of temple architecture, it was built in the old period of the Taisho period. Even thought it has a long history, it’s valuable because of its similar structure to the Modern Japanese-style Housing.

However, visitors are not allowed to have a tour inside the temple, so it can only be enjoyed from the outside.

Facility Information


  • Park Hours:9:00~17:00(※Must leave after16:30)
  • Holidays:Every Year Feb 15~28
  • Further Information:吉城園

Entrance Fee

  • Adult(High School Students and above):250 yen
  • Elementary to Junior HS Students:120 yen

※Groups with more than 20 people : Adult 220 yen, Elementary to Junior HS 110 yen