In this article, we would like to introduce about Ukigumo Enchi which is located in the area of Nara Park.

Ukigumo Enchi is famous for its spacious grass field where tourists can have fun with deer’s! Keep reading for more information!

What is the Ukigumo Enchi?

Ukigumo Enchi is a square area located around the Nara Park.

In this square, events are held in each season. During off-season, many tourists have fun freely and play with the wild deer’s.

How to Enjoy in Ukigumo Enchi?

There are many ways to enjoy in the Ukigumo Enchi which is a spacious grass field located in the are of Nara Park.

From now, we would like to introduce ways to enjoy in the Ukigumo Enchi!

Have Fun With Deer’s In The Spacious Grass!

The Ukigumo Enchi is a large park located around the Nara Park where wild deer’s freely live and was chosen as one of the Natural Monuments.

Tourists can enjoy the view while playing with the wild deer’s around the area.

The place is recommended for families. Parents can enjoy a relaxing time while children can enjoy running around with the animals!

Also, there are various historical monuments around the area of the Nara Park. Many tourists come to the Ukigumo Enchi after these amusements to take a break.

The Scenery Changes Each Season!

The Ukigumo Enchi is surrounded by nature and is a recommended place to those who want to have a relaxing time.

There are benches and rest spots equipped around the area for tourists to take a break. The scenery of this place also changes each season. Some tourists enjoy the area by sitting at a spot and enjoying the scenery of their favorite season! It is truly a heartwarming time to spend!

Also, during the winter, tourists can enjoy the view of the green glass being slightly covered with snow! This is truly another way to enjoy the nature!

Enjoy The Events in Each Season!

Nara Park
photo by@t_smile822

The Ukigumo Enchi use its spacious space to hold lively events in each season.

The most famous events are the “Tokae 燈花会, Music Festムジークフェスト, and the Nara Rurie 奈良瑠璃絵 .” During the event, many people from all different kinds of places gather to enjoy them!

If you are interested in the events, make sure to search for information’s before going!

Facility Information

浮雲園地(Ukigumo Enchi)

  • Address:〒630-8211 Naraken Narashi Zoushichou 469 (奈良県奈良市雑司町469)
  • Phone Number: 0742-22-0375
  • Business Hours:All-day Open
  • Fee:Free
  • Parking Lot:Many are equipped around Nara Park