In this article, we would like to introduce about the Largest Japanese Garden in Nara, Japan, which is the  Izuien Park「依水園」.

What is the Izuien Park 依水園?

The Izuien Park is a Japanese Garden located at the north side of the Himuro Shrine in Nara.

Visitors can enjoy the place because they can strongly experience the Japanese culture. Moreover,  the scenery also changes each season so they can except a different view every time!

Near the place is the Todaiji Temple and Kofukuji Temple. However, out of three, most find the Izuien Park more enjoyable for its large garden and beautiful nature!

Let’s Learn the Structure of the Izuien Park「依水園」!

The Izuien Park is divided by the front garden and the back garden, where the atmosphere is completely different.

The Front Garden was made by Kiyosu 清須美道清 in 1673. The main symbol of the structure is the Tea Room.

On the other hand, the Back Garden was built by a businessman Tojiro Seki 関藤次郎. The Garden is filled with nature and victors can enjoy walking along the pond.

Highlights of the Izuien Park「依水園」

The highlight of the Izuien Park is of course its gardens. However, other than that, there is a museum near the place called the「寧楽美術館(Neiraku Art Museum)」. In this museum, visitors can enjoy the history of ancient China. Moreover, they can also enjoy Japan’s Bronze Age where they can see old ceramics and Tea Equipment’s. It is a place you must go to when visiting the Izuien Park!

Also, if you buy the entrance fee to the Izuien Park, the entrance to the museum is free so it is definitely a must!

Basic Information

依水園 Izuien Park

  • Business Hours:9:30~16:30(※Can Enter Until 16:00)
  • Holiday:Tuesday(No Holidays on April, May, October, November/ When Tuesday is the national holiday, Wednesday will be the holiday / New Years

~Entrance Fee~

  • Adult:900 yen
  • College:810 yen
  • Junior High School:500 yen
  • Elementary School:300 yen

※Children ages below the Junior High School Age will be free on Saturdays if they come with their parents.

※For groups with more than 18 people, an adult will be 810 yen.