This article is about “no marriage” which is popular recently. We will introduce this article as it is the fact that there are many people who do not understand the meaning or the contents.

What is No Marriage?

No marriage is a form of a wedding that is increasing in Japan as it entered the present age. Mainly refers to a couple who submits a marriage notification to the government office but does not have any wedding ceremony. In other words, just a certification of marriage and continue their lives as married people without performing any ceremony.

What no marriage people celebrate?

So what do they celebrate after submitting the papers to the office? The most common thing was purchasing a wedding ring. It seems that there are many couples who think that it is good if they can buy wedding rings in a fairly representative way as a way to show others that they are married to others. Next is the dinner party only for relatives and friends. Many people think that only a few people should know that they got married. In addition, some couples only tell people in their SNS that they got married. For a couple who does not want to be caught up by a large amount of money on their wedding ceremonies, it may be great to have this marriage as a first step.

Why do people want this?

Big expenses are the main reason for this marriage. Many people thought that they wanted to spend money on other things rather than wedding ceremonies. Many people think that instead of using money for wedding ceremonies, they can use the money for there children. In addition, there are many other reasons “I do not like ceremonial customs” or reasons that “I do not like being watched”.


It’s not really a bad idea of having this kind of weddings. It helps people to think more clearly with lifestyle. It is still a real marriage so it doesn’t differ if you have a ceremony or not. The important thing is the couples are committed together.