This article is about (Oseibo) year-end gifts. japan custom of proposing offerings to their ancestors for New Year. You should know what to give and the right timing to give it.

What Are 『Oseibo』Year-End Gifts?


A year-end gift is a Japanese custom that sends goods with gratitude and good health towards those who are usually taken care of, superiors such as superiors and business partners, as well as mid-term gifts (Ochugen). It is common to give it from December 10 to December 20. However, Oseibo is expressed half a year of appreciation, but the meaning of greetings that concludes the end of the year in the year-end becomes stronger. If you are going to give only one or two year gifts, it may be just one year gift giving the meaning of a year of thanks. As relatives often gather at the end of the year, ham and alcohol that everyone can enjoy are popular as items of year-end gifts.

Date Differ According to Regions!?

The time to give a year-end gift varies somewhat depending on the area, as well as (Ochugen). In this section, we will introduce the most appropriate time for each region.

  • Kanto:It is common to give a year-end gift from December 1 to December 25
  • Other areas:It is common to give from December 13 to December 25


Kichu is a period of 49 days after the death of the deceased, and Mochu is a period during which both “in the case of restraint on death” and “during the death of their relatives”.

Let’s refrain from giving a year-end gift if it is during the middle of it. There is no problem if it is not in the middle period。

When sending New Year’s greetings

New Year’s greetings refer to the gifts prepared for visiting the homes of people who are usually indebted to them and for greeting the New Year’s greetings. If you forgot to give a year-end gift or if you made a mistake, you can give a New Year’s card instead of a year-end gift. It is a violation of good manners to present New Year greetings using delivery companies. Let’s give it when you meet them in person the greetings at the beginning of the year. However, be aware that you can not send New Year’s greetings during the Kichu period.

When To Send Greetings

The time to give New Year greetings also varies depending on the region.

  • Kanto: January 1-January 7
  • Other areas:January 1-January 15

If The Relationship To Give A Year-End Gift changes

The relationship of giving a year-end gift is a matter of gratitude, and if the relationship changes, it is considered as a good thing not to give it. This relationship can only be understood by the parties in depth, but generally refers to the following situation.

  • Matchmaker: After 3 years of marriage
  • Work relationship: When the relationship between the parties changes due to transfer, retirement, etc.
    ※ Enclose a letter of gratitude in the final presentation.
  • When the other party giving a year-end gift dies.

If your sending something this year be sure to write this ⇨「~の節は有り難う御座いました」