In this article, we will learn about the mannerism of Chinese-Style Meal, which may sound simple yet many are unable to do correctly. When you are eating with a senior or a lover, it gives them a bad impression if you have a bad table manner. To avoid that from happening, learn about the correct manner of how Chinese people eat their meal by reading this article.

Same Meaning But Different Term. What is The Difference Between 中華料理(Chuka Ryori) and 中国料理(Chugoku Ryori)?


Depending on the shop, some has 中華料理 (Chuka Ryori) written on their signboard, and some are 中国料理 (Chugoku Ryori.) Both means “Chinese Cuisine. “However, what is their difference? Actually, 中華料理 (Chuka Ryori) is a Chinese cuisine that is arranged to suit the Japanese taste. Some examples are ramen, fried rice and Szechuan dish. Even the cooking style is different so it may be better to think that they are a whole different cuisine. Also, 中国料理店 (Chugoku Ryori Shop’s) uses an expensive round table and has a high class image.

The 4 Largest Chinese Cuisine

In the Chinese Cuisine, there 4 largest known cooking. They are Beijing Cuisine, Shanghai Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine. Now, we would like to introduce the characteristics of each cuisines.

北京料理(Pekin Ryori) : Beijing Cuisine

The Beijing Cuisine was originally a Court Cuisine, so the visual of most dishes are quite eye pleasing. The cuisine uses cooking ingredients such as meat and wheat rather than fish meat and rice. Also, compared to the other Chinese dishes, the flavor of the Beijing Cuisine is stronger.

上海料理(Shanghai Ryori) : Shanghai Cuisine

Because the Shanghai Cuisine originated in the Shanghai area, where it is close to the sea and mainly uses seafood, most of the cooking ingredients are fresh seafood based.  Recently, they started adopting to the cooking style and flavor style of the Western- Style Meals.

広東料理(Kanton Ryori) : Cantonese Cuisine

The Cantonese cuisine has so many variety because they use so many cooking ingredients, such as seafood, all kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits and the list goes on. Most of the Chinese cuisine restaurants in other countries are Cantonese Cuisines Shop’s. The flavor is light and customers can enjoy the taste of each ingredients as they are.

四川料理(Shisen Ryori) : Sichuan Cuisine

Depending on the location, most Sichuan Cuisines uses meat, vegetables and fish meat. The flavor is also mainly made from various spice. One of the famous dish of the Sichuan Cuisine is the Mabo Tofu.

Table Manners (Round Table)

In the Chinese cuisine, it is normal to fill the round table with delicious dishes. There are several manners in the round table and the place of honor is not decided unlike that of Japan. From now, we would like to introduce the proper manners in the Chinese-Style Meal.

The Place of Honor in the Table

About 8 people can seat in a normal round table. The seat that is farther from the door or exit is the place of honor and the seat near the aisle or the exit is the bottom seat.

Also, in a room with window and beautiful scenery, the seat where you can enjoy the view most is for the place of honor and the seat that is opposite from the window is the bottom seat.

The Order of The Meal

The person seating in the place of honor is the first person who can take the meal from the table. After that, others can also take the meal in the clockwise rotation order. On the 2nd lap, it will not matter who can take the food. One thing to be cautious about is not to cut a dish in half and share it with one another. You must only take your own food.

How To Take The Food

Place your empty plate near the big plates containing food and take the dish you want. At that moment, make sure that you will leave a reasonable amount of food for the next person. You can eat more after the 1st lap.

How To Eat

After all the person in the table are able to get their food is when you can start eating. It is bad manners to hold your plate with your hands while eating. In the Chinese Cuisine, the plates that you can only hold with your hands are rice bowls and a Chinese spoon. Also, only one dish must be in a plate. Change plates if you want a different dish.