【MAISON de gigi】is located in Shinsaibashi ,Osaka’s shopping street. In this shop, authentic Belgian Waffles are popular that even the member of a popular Japanese Boy Group whom is Sakurai Sho of Arashi went to the shop itself to buy some. In this article, we would like to introduce more about 【MAISON de gigi】.

What is 【MAISON de gigi】?

【MAISON de gigi】opened in 2014. The shop is located in a shopping street in Shinsaibashi ,Osaka. It takes about a 7 minutes walk from “Osaka Nanba Station.” In this shop, customers can enjoy Belgian Waffles that is baked by a certified patisserie. The shop has 3 floors. The 1st floor is where customers can takeout their orders. On the 2nd floor and 3rd floor is where customers can eat-in. There are a total of 46 seats which is quite many for a café in Japan.

The meaning of「MAISON」in【MAISON de gigi】is「house」,so the interior is designed to  give a warm atmosphere to make customers feel at home. The interior of the shop is very different from the atmosphere to where it is located, so many customers come by to enjoy a calm time. It is most popular to women because of its Instagram-worthy looking dishes.

The Most Famous Menu「Liege waffle」

「Liege Waffle」is the shop’s signboard menu. The dish uses a Belgian Sugar and spreads a strong fermented butter scent when eaten. The texture is very fluffy and the flavor perfectly recreates the authentic taste. Customers can either enjoy by eating at the shop or bringing it home.「Liege Waffle」is a set menu of 2 Liege waffles and a drink. There is also a whipped cream and vanilla made in Hokkaido for customers to enjoy the dish more by changing its flavor. The price is 980 yen.

Rare to Find in Osaka!「Brussels Waffle」

「Brussels Waffle」is a type of waffle that you can rarely find in Osaka. The texture is crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Customers can enjoy the dish with its toppings, which are an ice cream a fruits. The price differs depending on the topping. The「Maple&Sugar is 580 yen, Choco Banana& Custard is 780 yen, Strawberry is 850 yen and Mixed Berry is 850 yen」.

In【MAISON de gigi】, customers can enjoy a high quality waffle. Customers can also enjoy their delicious dishes by eating at the shop are bringing it at home! If you plan on visiting Osaka and wants to enjoy an authentic Belgian waffle, we strongly recommend you to stop by at【MAISON de gigi】.

Access Information

MAISON de gigi(メゾンドジジ)

Address:Osakafu Osakashi Chuoku Shinsaibashisuji 2-2-17                                                       (大阪府大阪市中央区心斎橋筋2-2-17)
Business Hours:10:00-23:00
Language:Japanese, English
Nearest Station:Osaka Subway Railway “Nanba Station,” Hanshin Nanba Railway “Osaka Nanba Station”
Access:6 minutes walk from「Nanba Station」、7 minutes walk from 「Osaka Nanba Station」
Price Range:~999 yen
Payment Method:Credit Cards Allowed
Phone Number:06-6210-5944
Official Homepage: