For those who are thinking,
「I’m scheduled to go to Kyoto Tower while touring Kyoto.」
「This is will be my first time going to Kyoto Tower!」
then this article is for you!

Hello! WABI SABI here to, give foreign visitors the information they need in order to further enjoy Japan!

What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is one of Kyoto’s famous destinations that even contends with that of historical temples, shrines, and other famous places, Kyoto Tower!

From the Kyoto Tower, you can watch over the entirety of the city of Kyoto, but you can also enjoy Kyoto Tower in many other ways, which is why it is popular among not only foreign tourists but also the people of Kyoto.

In this article, we will list off those other ways of enjoying Kyoto Tower!

Now let’s get right into it!

【Kyoto Tower】Recommended Spots

Recommended Spot①Kyoto Tower Large Public Bath~YUU~

If you’re going to Kyoto Tower then we recommend going to the Kyoto Tower Large Public Bath~YUU~ on the 3rd floor.

The prices are a bit more expensive with adults being 750yen and children being 450yen, but you can freely use towels, soaps, shampoos, rinse, and dryers. You can also get bath towels at an extra 100 yen.

You can leisurely wash off any sweat even when empty-handedly going. Those who are also traveling into Kyoto by night bus can also have an early morning bath as they open at 7 in the morning.

Furthermore, as it closes at 22:00, you can wash away any sweat from traveling in Kyoto before going back to your hotel room and we highly recommend that.

In the men’s bath, there is large bath and there are showers installed around it.

Even if you go empty-handed, they have shampoo and body soap that you can use so you will be able to wash your hair and body clean.

This will definitely be a good memory for you as you will leisurely be able to bathe in a large bath in front of Kyoto Station, under Kyoto Tower.

In the bathing room, the wall has the Kyoto Tower, Five Story Pagoda, and Daimonji painted on, so you can enjoy the memories of going to them or leisurely plan on going to them.

Furthermore, Kyoto Tower is a facility that also substantially supports runners.

You can enjoy a good run while looking at the JR Kyoto Station and the representative Shrines and Temples of Kyoto, such as Higashi Honganji, Nishi Honganji, and Tojin, then finally going to the tower to wash yourself.

They also have a on-the-day luggage storing service that ends at 16:00, and many people including tourist runners use it.

Recommended Spots②Kyoto Tower Observation Room

Kyoto Tower is a Land Mark Tower that is in front of Kyoto Station. It is 100m tall, shaped like a thin, white candle, and made with the image of being Kyoto’s lighthouse.

You can watch over the city of Kyoto from the observation room and even see the national treasures and World Heritages of Kyoto.

When you actually go up to there, the map of the shrines, temples, and tourist destinations is substantial and you can enjoy actually observing them while checking on the map.

You can identify the places you’ve been to, plan on going to and places you haven’t been able to get to all from 100m up in the air.

There is also a matchmaking shrine and a picture taking spot in the observation room. Why not check them out as well to make memories!

【Kyoto Tower】Recommended Spots By Floor

Other than a bath house and observation room, there is also a hotel, a sky lounge, and a restaurant.

Kyoto Tower Rooftop Hotel

There is a beer garden on the rooftop in the summer time, so after bathing, why not have a nice beer?

There is also a Barbecue Garden so you can look up at the tower in an open and airy space, and bask in the cool wind with family and/or friends while enjoying a good barbecue and beer!

Kyoto Tower 2nd Floor

There is a shop where you can try to make not only raw Yatsuhashi and seasonal Japanese snacks, which are unique to Kyoto, but also traditional crafts.

There are many of those shops and both children and adults will definitely enjoy themselves!

Kyoto Tower 1st Floor

There are various types of popular Kyoto souvenirs like snacks, cosmetics, and other miscellaneous goods.

This is a spot we recommend for souvenir shopping as there are Shichimi Togarashi, pickles, and Gamaguchi purses, as well as limited edition items.

Observation Room, 3rd Floor

There is a Sky Lounge that is 45m above ground.

When night comes, it gets lit up with blue lights and becomes very romantic.

You can relax and take a breather while enjoying fancy drinks and sweets as during the evening it is a cafe, and at night it becomes a bar where you can enjoy a cocktail while looking over the nighttime scenery of Kyoto.

On the Tower Terrace on the same 3rd floor, you can enjoy a buffet of seasonal and Kyoto style dishes that is steamed and full of organic and Kyoto grown vegetables.

We Also Recommend The Hotel In Kyoto Tower!

There is a hotel in the Kyoto Tower that we also recommend.

The hotel is in front of Kyoto Station, under the Kyoto Tower so it is recommended as a very convenient focal point for touring.

The hotel in Kyoto Tower has a very relaxed style in their rooms, so you can definitely relax yourself from tiring travels, use the public bath, and not only climb the tower, but also conveniently go to have breakfast on the 3rd floor restaurant that becomes a breakfast area, and shop at the Souvenir Store.

You can also get a Tower Coupon when you stay at the hotel!