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The Yasui Konpiragu is located near the Higashiyama district of Kyoto, Gion area.

It is where the Sutoku Emperor is enshrined and is nationally famous as a shrine that cuts ties.

Many people who want to cut bad ties come here.

You can receive other benefits though like making good ties, safe seafaring, and safe driving.

There is also another famous tourist spot in its precinct called the Konpira Ema-kan that is the first gallery of votive pics ever made in Japan.

The History Of Yasui Konpiragu

In this part, we will explain the history of Yasui Konpiragu.

The temple that stands in front of Yasui Konpiragu is the Fujitera.

The Fujitera is a temple built by Fujiwara Kamatari in the wishes that his descendants attain prosperity. It is said that his name is on one of the Fuji trees in the precinct.

In the Heian period, Emperor Sutoku favored the Fuji trees greatly, but after he passed, many bad things started happening in Kyoto.

In wishing for his soul to rest peacefully, Fujitera was rebuilt into a magnificent temple.

The temple became a shrine in the Edo period that then became the dedicated shrine to the deity of the area.

This shrine was left during the Meiji period as Konpiragu and still stands today.

The Benefits Of Cutting Ties And Making Ties

Yasui Konpiragu is a rather small and compact shrine. 

That being said, many people from all over the country come to visit.

It is said that you will gain the benefit of cutting ties when you come to pray at Konpiragu. There is also an Ema monument called the “Engiri Enmusubi-hi” (Monument of Cutting and Making Ties) that is massive.

There is a an Ofuda stuck on the monument called the “Hatashiro”.

It is said that if you write your wish on the Ofuda, go through the hole in the middle of the stele, then stick it to the stele, your wish will come true.

When people hear about bad ties, most would think it is with another human. However, human ties aren’t the only kind.

For example, you could want to cut bad ties with smoking or alcohol. There are people that come to do so with ease.

There are also many who come to just wish for making ties.

Furthermore, because this shrine runs for 24 hours you can go there from early in the morning or at night if you don’t want anyone to know you went!

How To Worship To Gain The Benefits

In order to gain the benefit of making ties, you must exactly worship at the main hall then pass through the stele of making and breaking ties.

The stele is located to the left of the main hall.

There is actually a crack in the stele that is said to have the sacred virtue of both of the worshipped gods, the god of breaking ties and the god of making ties, poured into it.

For that reason, when you pass through it, you will gain its benefits.

For Those Wanting to Be Inconspicuous・・・

The shrine runs for 24 hours, but the conferment center is open from 9am to 5pm. During that time, the place gets filled with visitors.

If you think it is embarrassing to pass through the stele in front of many people or you want to focus only on your wish then we recommend going outside of this time.

The Events Held At Yasui Konpiragu

The events held throughout the year at Yasui Konpiragu is one highlight point !

The famous ones among them has to be the “Nagoshi-Oharai” that is held on June 30th and the festival that is held on the fourth Sunday of September.

About The “Nagoshi-Ooharai”

The Nagoshi-Ooharai is an event where you wish for a year of good health by going through a ring of thatch and switching your bad ties to a doll.

This event is done all over the country, but along with this, there are many people that come from all over the country to gain the benefit of cutting ties.

On the same day in Kyoto, a snack that looks like Uiro is sold. The snack is called Minazuki and you can buy it at any snack store in Kyoto, so this is good time to buy souvenirs!

About The Kushi Festival

Another event is the Kushi Festival where they purify combs.

Many ladies come as it is said that by participating, you can gain the benefits of beauty, a beautiful face, and beautiful hair.

Seeing people with the many different hairstyles from different eras is nice!

About The Goshuin

In recent years, it has been popular as a power spot in Kyoto and many visit to get the Goshuin.

The Goshuin costs 300 yen and there are many other very popular Omamoris as well.

The time for Goshuins is from 9am to 5:30pm. Be sure to have some easiness in your time and not come right before it ends.

Facility Info On The Yasui Konpiragu

Access Info

Ride the Kyoto city Bus from the Kyoto Station then get off at Higashiyama Yasui. You will be 1 minute away by foot.

You can also head there from Shijo Kawaramachi by the Kyoto City Bus.

If you plan on going by car, be prepared as there are only 6 private parking spaces.

Visiting Hours

The shrine itself goes for 24 hours, but the Konpira Ema-kan is from 10am to 4pm.

Visiting Fee

The visiting fee for the Konpira Ema-kan for adults is 500 yen, while high school, middle school, and elementary school students are 400 yen.

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