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What Kind Of Path Is The Philosopher’s Path?

It is said that the origin of the path’s name came from how the philosopher, Kitaro Nishida, liked to walk through it.

It is a pathway in Kyoto that has kept its beautiful Japanese scenery. It is a rather unnoticeable and small pathway as well that is about 2km in length and is located in between Ginkakuji Temple and Nanzenji Temple.

It is quiet and surrounded by nature so it is the perfect place to have a walk through.

On days with good weather, you will feel calmed by the sunlight that shrines through the trees and tree leaves.

It is the perfect walking path for when something is on your mind as well, for example, when writing a novel or creating a song.

Since the nature is beautiful, it is the perfect scenery to take pictures in. Instagrammers may even get a lot of likes if they post a good picture of the Philosopher’s Pathway!

I can also relieve stress as it is a space that is a bit a ways away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

There Are Many Characteristic Shops And Buildings!

There are many characteristic buildings and shops in the Philosopher’s Road.

Lined up in a beautiful scenery are fashionable shops and you can visit any of them you like.

We especially recommend a shop called Cacao Magic.

It is a chocolate specialty store that has good review which produces its chocolates a bit differently from other stores.

An ingredient used in making chocolate is Cacao.

Cacao has an abundance of an ingredient called Polyphenol in it which is good for your health and beauty.

Polyphenol has an antioxidant that keeps your body from rusting up.

Cacao is good to take in as it will take away the active oxygen, which speeds up aging, in your body.

The chocolate at Cacao Magic is, in short, a wonderful, tasty, and healthy product.

You are sure to love it if you like bitter tasting things.

The outside of the restaurant is also a cute as it has a retro European feel to it.

Historic Monuments You Will Want To Visit

In the Philosopher’s Pathway, there are many Historic Monuments due to the local color of Kyoto.

Because there are a lot, we will list off only the ones we especially recommend.

First is the, Kumano Nyakuōji-jinja Shrine.

The Kumano Nyakuōji-jinja Shrine is said to be effective in wishes of safety, scholar advancement, and making connections.

Recently, this shrine has been becoming popular among young people.

The Otoyo Shrine is said to protect against illness and disaster. It is also famous as a power spot.

The Mirokuin Temple has a rich history and is said to have great effect in making connections.

The temple is popular with couples as their Omamori is said to have good effects in love.

In the premise of Hōnen-in, there is a famous water called the Zenkisui springing out. It is said that if you drink this water, you will be protected from illness and injuries.

Reikanji Temple is a small temple that has been given proper maintenance and has a calming atmosphere.

If you walk through from the morning, you will surely start the day feeling good.

Sweets Shops You Will Like To Visit

There are many fashionable cafes and small restaurants in the Philosopher’s Pathway that we recommend for you to visit when you get hungry.

We will list off the sweets shops we recommend.

The first is the Sentaro Philosopher’s Pathway shop.

The Sentaro Philosopher’s Pathway shop serves sweets like Monaka and Manju.

It is the best store to have a good breather and a cup of tea at.

The Yojiya Cafe is so famous, it has 3 stores in the city of Kyoto.

Their popular menu items are their Hot Cakes, Matcha Roll Cakes, Zenzai, and Oshiruko.

They have many menu products that use matcha that have a perfect balance between high class sweetness and the aroma of matcha.

Kanou Shojuan is a famous mizu yokan shop, where you can buy products that aren’t sold anywhere else.

Komichi is a comfortable cafe where you can spen your time leisurely relaxing.

The mitarashi dango and matcha set is popular.

Pomme is a fashionable cafe with its popular menu, the Cheesecake made with apple and soy milk.

Useful Tourist information For Kyoto

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Please, go ahead and use them as your reference!

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