This article is about one of Kyoto’s historical tourist locations called「三千院」(Sanzen-in).

What Kind of Place is「三千院」(Sanzen-In)?

Sanzen-in is a temple located in Ohara, Kyoto prefecture and it is popular for being able to feel the Japanese culture through its atmosphere.

Also, because of it being rich in nature in and around the premise, you can enjoy its different appearances depending on the season.

Especially during the Spring’s cherry blossom season and the Autumn leaves season, even more people come to visit.

Also, from the moss that has beautifully grown everywhere on the grounds, a sense of beauty called「侘び・寂び」(wabi・sabi) can be felt which is why it is popular among foreign tourists.

An Easy Introduction to the History of「三千院」(Sanzen-In)!

Sanzen-in originated from「円融房」(En-yubou) which was built in the year 788, on Mt. Hiei, which is located in Shiga prefecture and also shares connections with Sanzen-in.

After that, in the year 1232, Sakamoto, Shiga prefecture, there was a fire at「円融院」(Enyou-in) and because of this Sanzen-in was moved to Kyoto.

After that, it moved from place to place many times and finally in 1871, the temple that was renamed from 「一念三千院」(Ichinen sanzen-in) to Sanzen-in, moved to where it resides today, Ohara, Kyoto prefecture.

The Highlights of「三千院」(Sanzen-In)!

In this part, the highlights of the tourist location, Sanzen-in, that is popular among domestic and foreign tourists will be introduced!

The Japanese Garden Where The Sense of Beauty「侘び・寂び」(wabi・sabi) Can Be Felt

Inside Sanzen-in are two gardens called「聚碧園」(Shuuheki-en) and「有清園」(Yuusei-en).

In both gardens can the good quality of Japanese culture be felt as the subtle sound of the clear streaming water will heal your soul.

It is also a place where one might forget the passing of time as the moss that has grown in garden in beautiful to look at.

The Change In Sanzen-in’s Appearance By The Seasons

There is nature in and around Sanzen-in that changes its appearance by the seasons.

Especially during Spring’s cherry blossom season and the Autumn leaves season does the premise start bustling with people enjoying the change in appearance due to the seasons.

The snowy scenery during the winter is also beautiful, as well as the next thing that has the reputation of being cute and having many ways of being enjoyed, the「わらべ地蔵さま」(Warabejizou-sama).

The Cute「わらべ地蔵さん」(Warabe jizou-sama)

Behind the「往生極楽院」(Ojo gokuraku-in), that is on the premise, are 6 small, cute and hidden「わらべ地蔵さま」(Warabe jizou-sama) statues.

Each of them are in different positions with one of the statues tilting its head and others being friendly and snuggling up to each other which, just by seeing it will calm ones mind.

When you come to visit, try and find all 6 of them!

Facility Information


  • Address:〒601-1242 Kyoto City, Sakyo Ward, Ohara raikoincho 540
  • Telephone Number:075-744-2531
  • Without holiday
  • External Bus Access Method:About a 10 minute walk from Kyoto Bus Stop「大原」(Ohara)

Visiting Time

  • March~Early December:8:30~17:00(Closing Time 17:30)
  • Mid-December~February:9:00~16:30(Closing Time 17:00)


  • General:700 yen
  • Middle・High School Student:400 yen
  • Elementary School Student:150 yen