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What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you is the tourist spot that is located in Hanami Koji, The Leica Kyoto Store!

We will introduce to you the highlights and access methods of the Leica Kyoto Store that is highly regarded by few.

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What Is The Leica Kyoto Store?

The Leica Kyoto Store is a store that specializes in cameras that is highly regarded by few in the area.

The interior of the store is set up in a boutique fashion so you know the store has good sense.

It has a charm that would make you want to come as the calm and cool atmosphere is even popular with foreigners.

Speaking of charm, the exterior blending in nicely with the townhouses and the design and atmosphere that you can understand by stepping close to it is another one to add to the list.

The space can be summed up by the word “Perfect” by how it accentuated the greatness of townhouses and how the cameras and pictures are beautifully shown!

Since it was made for Leica, those that love Leica and of course, those that live cameras will definitely have a great time!

As there are usually many people in the store at a time, it isn’t that spacious, but that compact space has a lot of charm jam packed into!

The Good Part of The Leica Kyoto Store!

Just to check again, the Leica Kyoto Stores charm point is how it blends in so nicely with the townhouses that line up on Hanami Koji.

When you stumble upon this shop, take a chance to take in the exterior of it and feel the historical air it has before entering the shop.

The shop curtain has the Leica logo on it which looks nice and the entrance is compact yet it gets you excited!

At first glance, it really doesn’t look like a store that specializes in cameras, but that is also where their commitment can be found.

The interior and exterior of the place is so well done up that those who love to take pictures might get want to get a shot themselves!

The products lined up in the store are all owned by Leica and, there isn’t a special feature to them, but they will show you new products and they also do check ups on your personal camera.

They have also sold their special opening limited edition products, so there is a high chance that they will sell more limited edition products in the future.

One of the highlights are the original products inside of the shop, such as the Leica cameras that were made 80 years ago and the collab Sensu that were made in a collab with an old store in Kyoto.

The first floor is the “store space”, but the second floor is a gallery of the photos taken by Leica which is highly regarded by those in and out of the country.

The Leica Kyoto Store is also known for holding many events where there would be Maiko playing the Shamisen or Photography specialists would come and hold a talk show!

There would also be first class artists doing shows and showings of new products, which would earn the attention from those from in and out of the country.

There would many who were against the opening of the Leica Kyoto Store but Leica was successful in showing their charm and now it has earned the status of being the most beautiful Leica specialty shop in the world.

This store, which blends into a historical town and handles the camera which is Germany’s cultural pride, gives you a uniquely charming time and space.

They still plan on doing business in Kyoto, so we recommend going there to look around.

Bringing family, friends, or even foreigners is a good idea!

The attention to detail will not disappoint so you can visit with nothing to worry about and just standing outside of the shop will fill you with excitement and wonder as you enter.

Access Methods & Business Hours

It is located in Hanami Koji. To access it you walk from Gion Shijo station along the Kawabata street, turn left when you see Donguribashi park then walk straight then left again when you hit then of the street.

Or, you can walk along the Kyoto City route 186 then go into the Hanami Koji street.

In any case, it is about a 5 minute walk from the station so there is no need to be worried about getting lost.

The business hours are from 11am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday.

There is no entrance fee as it is a shop that specializes in cameras and you can come in and look at the cameras and photos freely.

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