For those who have been thinking,

「I wanna know a nice place to walk and eat in Kyoto!」

「What kind of place is the Nishiki Market?」

then this article is for you!

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What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is the shopping district with lots of Kyoto style cuisine and souvenir shops lined up, the Nishiki Market!

Now let’s get right into it!

What Kind Of Place Is The Nishiki Market?

One popular tourist destination in Kyoto is the Nishiki Market. The Nishiki Market is a straight road that is located in the middle of Karasuma and Kawaramachi.

There are around 140 shops lined up next to each other, with many of those shops being eateries where you can buy food and eat and walk. We especially recommend it to those who want to enjoy Japanese snacks and study the Kyoto style cuisine and souvenirs!

The shopping district is around 400m long and time will definitely fly if you look through each shop there!

Just as Osaka was called the “Countries Kitchen” during the Edo period, Kyoto is currently holding its own as well!

It is a tourist destination of Kyoto that you can’t go without!

The Charm Of The Nishiki Market

The popularity of the Nishiki Market is not restricted to the surrounding area or even the country. Magazines from overseas have covered it and due to this, tourists also visit here from overseas.

In this part, we will explain the charm of the Nishiki Market that keeps people coming to it!

The Start Of Walking And Eating・・・

The Nishiki Market is located in the center of Kyoto and you can easily walk there from Shijo or Gion. For those who have time, we recommend visiting the areas around it as well.

There is the “Nishiki Tenmangu” in the Shinkyogoku Shopping District, so why not pray there first then start your adventure? Good things may happen!

You Can Get Whatever You Like From The 140 Stores・・・

In this straight path of around 400m, there are around 140 shops. There are many kinds of shops ranging from Japanese snacks and condiments, to seafood shops.

You can buy whatever you like from among them and freely walk and eat!

There are of course, seats inside of the shops so you can take a breather and relax while eating.

So Many Souvenirs!

Not only can you walk and eat there, but you can also buy Jaapanese Sake, Japanese Snacks, and condiments

Among them, the souvenir that is famous in the whole of the Nishiki Market is the blended Shichimi from the「Ochanokosaisai Nishiki Store」.

You can not only choose how spicy it will be and the fragrance, but you can also make requests such as “More yam, please.” on the spot. You can also buy their limited edition blend of Shichimi.

There are also many more charming shops so please do visit!

Basic Info

Nishiki Market

  • Address:Nishikikoji-doriNakagyō-ku, Kyoto
  • Access Method:About a 3 minute walk from the Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line / About a 4 minute walk from the Kyoto Kawaramachi Station on the same line
  • Business Hours:9:00~17:00(※Differentiates between stores)