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「I’m planning on going to the Kyoto Aquarium.」
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What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is a tourist spot in Kyoto called the Kyoto Aquarium!

We will list down useful information that you will want to know before going to the Kyoto Aquarium, which holds pride in its popularity in Kyoto, where the scenery of the old capital spreads out.

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When you think about Kyoto, many of you may think about the many temples and shrines, giving it a very historically rich image.

However, even in Kyoto, there is an aquarium that has been gaining in popularity and it has a lot of charm crammed into it that differentiates it from other aquariums.

The name of that aquarium is the Kyoto Aquarium!

It is a comparatively new aquarium that opened in March, 2012, and it is the first authentic aquarium in Kyoto.

You can not only see those that live in the ocean, but also those which live in Kyoto’s basin river!

In addition to the fur seals, seals, and penguins, there are 12 exhibit areas such as the Kyoto River, Kyoto Ocean, and the Dolphin Stadium!

They each have a different atmosphere to them filled with charm!

You Just Can’t Miss This! Highlights Of The Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium

There are a lot of highlights at the Kyoto Aquarium.

In this part of the article, we will list our recommended highlights that you should especially go to see.

Kyoto’s Ocean Area: The Large Aquarium That Reminds You Of A Great Ocean

We have the Large Aquarium in the Kyoto’s Ocean area that comes first in the spots that you don’t wanna miss.

This spot, where you can see many living creatures in the Large Aquarium, is something that you will want to see.

The amount of ocean water, which is man made ocean water, goes up even to 500t and the fishes swim leisurely around in it.

You will be able to feel the vastness of a great ocean.

The Dolphin Shows That Both Children And Seniors Can Enjoy

When talking about the Kyoto Aquarium, you cannot go without talking about the Dolphin Show.

You can enjoy seeing dolphins perform without worrying about your age!

It differs from other aquariums in that it is located inland so the scenery around it is really difference.

Depending on where you sit, you will be able to see the Kyoto Tower or the Five Story Pagoda. You will not be able to experience such a scenery anywhere else!

A Fantastical Scene: The Jellyfish Exhibit

The Jellyfish which has seen a growth in popularity in recent years has become an exhibit in itself!

You can drift through a fantastical atmosphere, where moon jellyfish drift in large aquarium tanks.

In this aquarium, you will be able to mainly see the fellow species of the Jellyfish in the waters of Kyoto.

You can experience different fantastic atmospheres as they interchange the jellyfish to other types such as the vibrant red jellyfish and the sparkly horseshoe jellyfish.

The Natural Treasure: The Giant Salamander

In the Kyoto River area, you can observe the the Giant Salamander which has been recognized as one of Japan’s national treasures.

It is growing in popularity as it is known as the largest amphibian in the world, and as a souvenir, its stuffed animal dolls are prided in their popularity as well!

Please come visit to see the rare-to-see Giant Salamander at the Kyoto Aquarium!

The Cute Seal That Is Known As The Aquariums Idol

In the seal area, you will be able to witness the very cute and popular seals of the aquarium!

You can enjoy witnessing them freely going back and forth through the big tube tanks that are under the floor to other water tanks.

Seeing the seals freely swim will surely calm you with how cute they are!

The Calming Sight Of Penguins Living At Their Own Pace

In the penguin area, you will be able to observe penguins gracefully swimming on the water or relaxing on the hill.

Furthermore, there is the penguin skywalk that is about 50m where they can freely walk on that you just have to see!

Part of the skywalk is made of reinforced glass so you will be ale to see the underside of their little flippers from below.

Restaurant & Cafe Info

Since you might be coming here for a date, you may want to also enjoy your lunch here.

Then we recommend the Harvest Cafe which is especially gaining in popularity.

The menu is lined up with dishes that use Kyoto grown vegetables and Kyoto style pickles and among them the most popular menu is the Chicken Hamburger with lots of kujo leeks inside it.

There are also the soy milk soft cream and the grilled chicken bowl that are popular menu items as well.

Going to the Kaiju Cafe in the seal area is also a good idea!

There are many cute foods and sweets that are lined up, and the most popular among them are the items that are inspired by the animals in the aquarium.

Each and every one of the bread items that are carefully shaped have a soft and delicate texture to them, and they can be just right for when you feel a little peckish.

Souvenir Info

When you finish enjoying the Kyoto Aquarium, you just have to look at the souvenirs that they have!

The most popular of the souvenirs would be the stuffed doll of the worlds largest amphibian, the Giant Salamander.

Its popularity stems from its cute expression, its softness, and the great feeling of its fur!

There are also Japanese snacks and sweets in the shape of the sea animals and also gum.

Establishment Info


The business hours of the aquarium are from 10:00 to 18:00.

The business hours change depending on the season such as with summer which is extended from 20:00 to 21:00.

For adults the fee is 2050yen, 1550yen for University and High school students, 1000yen for Middle and Elementary school students, and 600yen for children older than 3.

You can access it by walking for about 15 minutes away from both the Kyoto Station central entrance and the Tambaguchi station.

You can get a discount if you use a one day bus pass for the Kyoto city bus system and show it at the window.

As the aquarium does not have a parking space, you will have to park your car in the nearest pay-to-park space.

The facilities and services are also substantial as there are 3 breast-feeding areas, and 8 diaper changing areas, so those who are bringing babies don’t have to worry about baby troubles.