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What we, the information brokers of Japan would like to introduce to you is the what is basically like the front door to Kyoto, the Kyoto station building!

There is charm jam packed in the Kyoto station building that no other station building has!

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【First】What Kind Of Place is the Kyoto Station Building?

Those that have come by train to tour in Kyoto have likely used Kyoto station.

Kyoto station, which is basically like the front door of Kyoto, has so much appeal stuffed in its station building.

The Kyoto station building became what it is today in 1997, built with mirrors on the outside to reflect the Kyoto tower that it faces, making a truly beautiful sight!

This kind of design on the outside of a building was never seen before in Japan. It surprised many with not only its design but the spectacle of it as well.

However, not only is the outside innovative but the work put into it was also as such. The technology used to construct this was assembled from across Japan.

In particular, the mid-section is open all the way to the top floor and there is a platform on the upper floor where you can walk on like you’re walking in the air. At the time, there were no other station buildings like this so this kind of innovation became a popular topic.

【Recommended for Dates!】The Best Airflow And Illumination

There are two spots in the Kyoto Station Building that we especially recommend for couples.

That is the Skywalk platform and the illumination!

The Skywalk goes from the roof of the station to the tenth floor of JR Kyoto Isetan. It is perfect in trying to look at the scenery in front of Kyoto Station.

No other station building has been constructed in this way in which it accentuates its surroundings and has three-dimensionality and openness.

Furthermore, the illumination effectively lights up the steps outside, making very 3 dimensional spectacle.

The theme of the illumination changes annually, so you can enjoy it no matter how many times you go.

It’s Not Just The Outside! The Inside Is Even Better!

Not only the exterior of the Kyoto Station building, but also the interior is very elaborate, and it is characterized by being effectively combined with the spectacle of various tenants that are occupying it.

The interior of the first floor lounge is open ended and there is an open cafe as well. The cafe has a very open atmosphere and is decorated with objects, creating a marvelous area in which you can calmly enjoy a cup of tea.

Satisfying Cafe & Restaurant

Kyoto Station Building Kyoto Station Station Building Cafe RestaurantAnother aspect of the Kyoto station building is that there are many gourmet spots.

In most other station buildings, they have many shops, but each of them are comparatively smaller than the ones in the Kyoto station building. Furthermore, there are many situations in which the surroundings would be crowded, busy and hard to enjoy your time at.

Due to that, there may be many who don’t like eating in station buildings. Each one of the tenants in Kyoto stations building has comparatively larger spaces, so you can fully enjoy your meal.

That said, there are many tenants where you can fully enjoy good, western, eastern, and all of the above gourmet food to your hearts content.

Click here for the cafes and restaurants in the Kyoto station building!

【Kyoto Ramen Koji】A Must Go For Ramen Lovers!

One of Kyoto Station Buildings highlights is the Kyoto Ramen Koji.

This is a place where various ramen shops are gathered together, and it is a very rare space not only in Kyoto but also throughout Japan.

There are many famous ramen shops in various areas from Hokkaido to Kyushu, making it a wonderful space for ramen lovers.

Its biggest charm point is that, It is located on the deck from the Skywalk, so you can enjoy ramen after enjoying the Skywalk platform.

For those looking for ramen shops in Kyoto Ramen Koji then click here! 

A Must See For Train Maniacs!

In addition to the gourmet food, what is also great is that you can experience various ways of enjoyment only in Kyoto.

Kyoto is famous for its old trains and is thought of as a holy place by train maniacs. There is also a KATO store directly managed by a famous railway model company in the Kyoto Station building, creating a space that model railway lovers will love!

There are many railway models shown and sold, and there are many fans who come visit to see the dioramas. Furthermore, there are also trains that is hard to buy for the general public, making it a fun space for train maniacs!

Click here for the official site for the KATO Kyoto Station Building!

A Popular Japanese Sweets Store!

This station building also has an unusual Japanese sweets shop.

Though called Japanese sweets, you don’t just enjoy it with green tea, there are many other Japanese snacks that you can easily enjoy the best part of.

You can even fully enjoy it with relative ease during the short wait for your train in a calm and great atmosphere and environment.


The station building has a had a strong image of being used a as place to kill time up until now, but this station building, that feels like the areas theme park, it may start a new trend of station buildings.

The business times of each shop differs, with those which you can enjoy from the morning to those that are open until 10pm, so you don’t have to worry about time constraints.

The point is that it is not a station building where you will meet like in the past, but you can fully enjoy the best part of its various shops.

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