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What we, the information brokers of Japan would like to introduce to you in this article is the road to the famous Kiyomizudera, which is a famous tourist spot itself: The Kiyomizu Slope!

It is also a recommended tourist spot along with Kiyomizudera so please, go ahead and use this as a reference.

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Many people come from all over the world to visit Kiyomizudera which has been recognized as a World Heritage Site.

At the popular tourist spot Kiyomizudera, not only is the precinct charming but the road to there is also charming!

The Kiyomizu slope has a large assortment of souvenirs that is popular with both Japanese tourists and international tourists alike!

The Kiyomizu slope is located on the east side of Kyoto, the same place Kiyomizudera.

When accessing the area, we recommend these 3 ways.

  •  Walking from the nearby Kiyomizu Gojo Station or Shichijo Station.
  • Using the 206 city bus and the 100 city bus from JR Kyoto Station, then getting off at Kiyomizumichi or Gojozaka.
  • Getting a taxi from the taxi stop at Kyoto Station.

It is good to have a bit of spare time when planning to use the bus.

Kiyomizudera does not have a parking space in its precinct, but there are the Kiyomizu slope tourist parking spaces installed around it.

What Kind Of Place Is the Kiyomizu Slope?

The Kiyomizu slope is as the name incurs, a 700m hill road that leads to Kiyomizudera, which has been there ever since Kiyomizudera existed.

Kiyomizu slope is also a famous tourism street with many characteristic souvenirs lined up on either side of the road.

The popularity of Kiyomizudera is already high with many tourists going to visit, so the road to there is already flowing with people.

Though the road width is wide, many tourists from around the world visit and makes it crowded during vacation days so we recommend going on weekdays when the Japanese tourists are low in number.

The Charm Of Kiyomizu Slope

In this part, we will explain the charm points of the Kiyomizu slope.

This should help you in your travels to Kiyomizudera so please, go ahead and use this as a reference!

A Variety Of Kyoto Souvenirs!

Speaking of the charm points of Kiyomizu slope, one of them is definitely the wide variety of souvenirs!

There are many types of souvenir stores ranging from Snack stores, Shichimi specialty stores, to Aburatorigami or “Oil Removal Paper”, which are all Kyoto specialties.

Among them, the most popular are the Snack stores.

The shops that have green tea Japanese snacks and western snacks are especially popular with there being many types of this shop.

You can also taste test in many of the shops so you can enjoy mulling over what souvenir to buy at Kiyomizu slope.

You Can Tour Through Kiyomizudera As A Set Experience As Well!

Kiyomizu Hill Kiyomizudera

Another charm point of Kiyomizu slope is that you can go to Kiyomizudera as well as a set touring experience.

There may have been those who thought,「When I planned on touring to Kiyomizudera, I was touring Kiyomizu slope without thinking!」

As Kiyomizudera and the Kiyomizu slope are very close, most people have gone through Kiyomizu slope to get to Kiyomizudera.

There are many souvenir store and long established restaurants so after visiting Kiyomizudera, you can take a breather at the Kiyomizu slope and enjoy yourself near Kiyomizudera.

Here is the in-depth tourist info of Kiyomizudera!

A Variety Of Tourist Services!

We also recommend touring the Kiyomizudera area using the many rent-a-cycle services in the area!

There are many places within Kyoto city where you can return your rented bicycle without having to give it back to the same shop!

Recently, a delivery service has been implemented through the use of smartphones so you can rent a bicycle without breaking a sweat!

It is very convenient as just by you sending them your location info, they will send you a bicycle when you need it and come to retrieve it when you are done!

Why not use such a convenient service?

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