This article is about the Kibune shrine (貴船神社) in Kyoto, popular for being said to give divine match-making benefits.

What Is The Kihune Shrine?

Kihune Shrine (貴船神社) is a shrine located in the Sakyo district, Kyoto, and it is famous for its spectacular view and its divine “match-making” benefits.

A water god called Takaokami-no-kami (高龗神) is enshrined there. There are also fortune slips that use the holy water in an interesting manner.

Furthermore, there are many people that say “I have heard of this place.” or “I have seen it in pictures!” with many of the pictures being of the stone stairs.

The scenery of the repeating scarlet lanterns is a spectacle!

The Highlights of Kihune Shrine

In this part, the highlights and attractiveness of “Kihune Shrine” will be introduced!

Lets Look At The Scenery That Changes By The Seasons!

Kihune shrine is full of nature in and around the premises that changes along with the seasons.

The times that are the most popular are during spring, when the plants are as green as ever, Autumn, with the Autumn leaves coming in, and Winter with its snowy scenery.

Not only do tourists come to enjoy the four seasons of Kihune shrine, it is even popular with those who love to take pictures, with even more people coming at the peak of the seasons.

Furthermore, every year from January 1st to February 28th, an event is held where the lanterns are lit up and the scenery is overwhelmingly spectacular!

Lets get the “Match-Making” or “Cutting Ties” Divine Benefits!

The divine benefits that are famous in Kihune shrine are the “Match-Making” and “Cutting Ties” benefits.

The shrine where many people go to get the “Match-Making”(縁結び) and “Cutting Ties”(縁切り) benefits is between the main shrine and the rear shrine and it is called Yui-yashiro (結社).

Kihune Shrines Fortune Slips Are Interesting!

Kibune shrines fortune slips are a little different from other shrines in that, you can get a fortune slip called a “water fortune slip”(水占みくじ).

You can enjoy this fortune slip by putting it in water, making the results come up as it gets wet. This comes from how the god of water is enshrined in the shrine.

When you come to Kibune shrine, why don’t you try it!

Kibune Shrine Is The Birthplace Of Ema(絵馬)!?


It is said that Kihune shrine is the birthplace of Ema (絵馬).

The reason behind it is that there is a story that lord Saga (嵯峨天皇) sacrificed a horse in-order to bring or stop the rain.

When you come to Kihune shrine, why not buy an Ema!?

Lets Bring Holy Water Home!

At Kihune shrine, where there is a water god enshrined, the holy water that flows all throughout the premises can be brought home.

Something good might happen if you bring the holy water home!?

Facilities Information

Kihune Shrine

  • Address:〒601-1112 Kurama-kihunecho, Sakyo ward, Kyoto city, Kyoto prefecture 180
  • Telephone Number:075-741-2016
  • Access Method:A 30 minute walk from the Eizan Electric Railway Kihune-guchi Station / A 5 minute walk from the Kyoto Bus Kihune
  • Open Hours: 6:00~20:00(※Changes during different times may occur)
  • Official Home Page:貴船神社