Kendo is a sport that has a deep history and is familiar to Japanese people. However, there are many people who don’t understand or know “Kendo”. In this article, we will introduce the origin and rules of “Kendo”.

What is Kendo?


Japan used to fight with swords for a long time, but since the beginning of the Edo period, the chance to use them in practice has decreased because of a peaceful world and it’s a good thing having a peaceful country. When you train the technique of the sword every day in a peaceful world, mental strength, personality, and gratitude can be acquired. Kendo has recently become popular as a sport. Kendo values “Rei” means respect, and it is useful to correct one’s mind while showing respect for the other party.

Rules of Kendo

The ring is surrounded by a square or rectangular white line of about 10 meters, and there is a starting line slightly outside the center. The match is played one-on-one and the match time is based on 5 minutes. If the game does not finish within the time, overtime may be set up and the overtime will take place for 3 minutes.

Match form

The kendo match is a three-player match, with one referee and two deputies. A match where the first player to get two points wins, and in case of overtime, the match is often played in a one point match. Of the three referees two referees must put up the flag when the player hit the strike area correctly, such as men (mask), do (waist), kote (gloves), and tsuki(throat). If there is no effective hit in the game, the decision will be at the hands of the judges.

Game manners


Since Kendo is a sport that places emphasis on “Respect”, there are strict rules to prevent vicious acts against its spirit.

  • No drugs
  • Talking back at the referee
  • Not respecting the opponent
  • Not included items
  • Kickboxing techniques
  • Pushing the opponent
  • Throwing the sword on purpose
  • Holding the sword of the opponent
  • Hitting the shoulder of the opponent
  • Running and wasting time

This is some of the rules to be understood

Kendo world tournament

Kendo has been held the world tournament since 1970 and is held once every three years. Not only Japan but also Korea, the United States, and other countries have achieved good results at the World Congress, and the spread of Japanese culture worldwide can be felt. The last tournament was held in Incheon, Korea. The result was outstanding. Girls tournament “1st Japan, 2nd Korea, 3rd Canada / Australia”. Boys tournament 1st Japan, 2nd place was Korea, 3rd place Taiwan and America.

Kendo’s popularity

Kendo is still a minor sport in the world, but the competition population is about 2.5 million and its popularity is getting big. The global popularity has been increasing for reasons such as “I want to acquire the correctness of courtesy” and “I want to feel the samurai culture”. Even in Japan, the age range of athletes is wide, and the future expectations of the kendo world are increasing.