The famous summer traditional item: the Katori-senkou(蚊取り線香).

Doesn’t the sight of the smoke floating up just give the feeling that summer has come?

In this article, fundamental knowledge about the Katori-senkou sill be introduced.

What Is The Katori-senkou(蚊取り線香)?

The Katori-Senkou is a tool used to repel mosquitoes, just as the name suggests.

It was created in the year 1890 (at the time it was in the shape of a stick), by Ueyama Ei-ichirou, who is the founder of Dainihon Jochugiku Co., Ltd., and was sold in the whirlpool shape, as it is today, from 1902.

The main ingredient of the incense is the Insecticidal active ingredient taken out of a dried pyrethrum.

It is green and the whirlpool like shape is its characteristic.

How To Use A Katori-senkou!

 Mosquito coil

First, you light the outer rings tip with fire.

The point here is not to have the flame still burning, but to only keep the incense burning.

Keep only the smoke coming out and do not let the ash touch the floor by putting an plate to catch it in.

A ceramic or metallic plate is recommended.

What Is A Kayari-ki(蚊遣器)?

The Kayari-ki is a tool used to keep the ash from the Katori-senkou from flying around.

However, not only does it keep ash from flying around, but how it looks is also held importantly, the most famous among them being the Kayarai-buta(蚊遣り豚).

Recently, in the pursuit of fashion, more Kayari-ki are being produced.

What Does It Smell Like?

 Mosquito coil

The smell of the Katori-senkou smells like incense.

It has a strong smell so when you use it inside, put it in the corner and let the scent spread throughout the entire room.

The point here is to put it in a room the has airflow, not a closed off room.

Recently, many scents like rose or lavender are being made so please try them out!


The Katori-senkou with its floating smoke.

You could use bug repellent spray, but doesn’t using the Katori-senkou have a more summer like feel and elegance to it?

When summer comes, please try out the Katori-senkou!

You may be able to feel the coming of summer!