In this article, we would like to introduce a famous divine favor that people wish for in shrines, which are「En Musubi 縁結び」(Good Match) and 「Renai Joju恋愛成就」(Fulfilled Love).

From now, we will introduce the information’s about this topic and recommend famous shrines that bring the best of luck.

What are the Divine Favors of the En Musubi?

Everyone, do you know the favor divine that the En Musubi「縁結び」brings?

Many would think that it is the fulfillment of love, however, it is not only to wish for the fate that is related to romance.

The En Musubi「縁結び」is a good luck related to the fate or bond with any people including friends and coworkers.

Also, it is a good luck to strengthen the bond you already have with a special partner.

Therefore, if you wish to meet someone special in the future, you must wish for 「Ryoen 良縁」(Good Match) instead.

Many people make a mistake by these differences and it really is important to know them before making a wish.

Bits of Knowledge of the En Musubi

There are many bits of knowledge and manners that even Japanese people do not know about the En Musubi「縁結び」.

By knowing these knowledge’s, you may also know some other divine favors you may want to wish for.

The Result Will Backfire If You Go With A Lover With Bad Terms?!

The God of the En Musubi「縁結び」is the God that connect people’s mind.

For that reason, if the God truly believes that you and your current partner is a good match, he will fulfill your wish. However, if he feels that you feel an anxiety towards your partner, he will consider that you have a bad compatibility and will separate you and your partner.

It Is Bad Luck To Wish For「良縁 Ryoen」or 「Good Match」if You Already Have A Partner

Ryoen「良縁」is something people wish for if they haven’t found their special someone yet. They do this to hope for good relationship with people and to meet with good people from now on.

Therefore, if a person already has a special someone and still wishes for this, the God will think of that person as selfish and will bring bad luck instead.

One must first wish for Ryoen「良縁」then after that is →En Musubi「縁結び」!

List of Shrines with Great 「En Musubi」Luck

貴船神社 Kifune Shrine

Divine Match-Making Benefits!? Famous For Also Having A Great View: Kihune Shrine