In this article, we will introduce useful information that can be used to enjoy the place we will introduce, such as the schedule and time of one of the popular fireworks display in Osaka “Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks”!


The Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival is amazing and breathtaking. A handmade fireworks festival created by local residents. What does that mean? The well-meaning local volunteer staff is working on “planning, operation, and execution” with money collected from donations from nearby companies and local residents. Therefore, we can think of it as fireworks festival that can be continued only because we are loved by the people of the area and a lot of people want to see it because of its beauty.

“Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival” began in 1972 and has been passed down to the present day. We will introduce information about “Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival” which has been loved for a long time!

Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival Basic Information

This year’s festival’s basic information.


  • Date: August 10 (Saturday)
  • Time:19:40~
  • Number of Fireworks:Not confirmed
  • Number of viewers:Approximately 530,000 people
  • Phone Number:06-6307-7765
  • Homepage:

Seat information

  • Exciting Seat:Adult 9000円・Kids 5000円(Advance sale)
  • Arena:Adult 7000円・Kids 4000円(Advance sale)
  • Arena:Adult 8000円・Kids 5000円(Ticket booth)
  • Umeda Venue:Adult 4500円・Kids 2500円(Advance sale)
  • Umeda Venue:Adult 5000円・Kids 3000円(Ticket booth)
  • Night Boat:Adult 18000円・Kids 10000円(Advance sale/Bento&Drinks included)
  • Dynamic Seat:Adult 2500円・Kids 1500円(Advance sale)
  • Dynamic Seat:Adult 3000円・Kids 2000円(Ticket booth)

※Kids→3 years old〜Elementary student


The highlight of “Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival” is, above all, the dynamic that overwhelms the viewer. The number of fireworks to be launched is increasing year by year, and the fireworks will continue to be launched for 1 hour without making any distractions.

In addition, the fireworks that are launched with music further express its grandeur, and the sound of the fireworks stuck to the surrounding buildings makes a fantastic sense that you can not say anything.

Buying tickets are one recommendation and watching it on top of a building is a good spot to watch the fireworks.


We introduced “Naniwa Yodogawa fireworks” which is one of the popular fireworks display in Osaka.

The fireworks display is a popular summer event where you can enjoy the summer atmosphere, and you will surely bring a good memory of it when you go back to the states. Its security is very highly conducted, therefore, families with young children should enjoy themselves with care not to get lost.

In addition, please be careful about the management of valuables, and it’s very crowded.

It’s totally worth going.