In todays article, we are going to talk about the photo booth in Japan which is very popular for young ages and even adults ammuse by it.

We will introduce some tips to have a funny picture and memerable pictures.

About Japan’s Photo Booth

Purikura is an abbreviation of a print club, and it is a machine for taking photos placed in one corner of the game center! Instead of just taking pictures, it is possible to take pictures with a slight whitening correction, a correction that makes the legs look longer, and a slightly better appearance than in reality! Therefore, it is gaining popularity from young people such as junior high school students and high school students, and it seems that there are many people who just take a picture together with their friends and returning home.

Let’s Have Some Fun Using The Features!

A popular photo booth machine for young people. However, after the spread of smartphones and the ability to correct the appearance with the camera application, I think that popularity may have decreased more than before. So, in this section, we will introduce to you how to use the features and have fun with friends, not just how to use the photo booth to have a better look! Those of you who were using Purikura to take a beautiful, pretty, cool pictures of yourself, you should use it for fun more

Not Only For Making Your Leg’s Long!


The purikura will make you more beautiful and stylish, right? The function to improve such style changes to the function for laughing with friends! From the thighs to the bottom of the shooting booth, there is a correction for the foot length effect. In other words, if you bring your face to that position, you will be able to take interesting images, such as the chin becoming extremely long! It is definitely a high score for boys to make a little foolish and laugh at their friends, rather than just being cool at the date!

Do A Gag Behind The Curtains!


The back curtain is a thing to change the color and pattern of the background. However, if you go to the other side of the curtain and only show your face, you can do “Hyokkorihan”! a Japanese gag. It’s absolutely fun to get along with everyone from the curtain!



It’s fun when you’re taking pictures, and because the photos you’ve done are pretty and cool, it’s great for the little memories of that day! However, in recent years, the appearance has been perfectly reflected so that the purikura is separated from the reality, and I feel that the number of people who put the purikura pictures proudly on the SNS is decreasing than before. Therefore, there are a lot of people who don’t like it and comments on SNS by comments such as “it is different from the real thing” or “I can not use the latest purikura” when he or she puts it aside. Let’s post it with more confidence!

Have fun with your friends and don’t think about what others think!