In this article, we would like to introduce about an item that has been long used in Japan, which is the Ohajiki!

What is an Ohajiki?

The Ohajiki is a kind of toy that was made from glass and shaped like a disk. This particular shape of the Ohajiki is the most common.

The size is about 1cm and it looks like a glass with various designs ,colors and also sizes.

The Origin of the Ohajiki

The Ohajiki is type of game that was intoduced to Japan during the Nara Period from China. The game itself began after the Meiji Period when things made of glass were being made.

Until then, this type of toy was made from wood or seashells. Some were even made from small stones.

Recently, some Ohajiki’s are made from plastics and are used in Elementary Schools for children to play with!

How to Use The Ohajiki?

From now, we would like to introduce some ways on how to play the Ohajiki.

This type of toy can almost be seen anywhere in Japan. However, there are still many people who do not know how to use or play with it, so we would like to introduce some of them.

How To Play With The Ohajiki?

The ways to play the Ohajiki differs depending on the region

The most common way to play this is to hit your Ohajiki to your opponents Ohajiki. If you were able to hit it successfully and the Ohajiki of the opponent flipped, you will receive that Ohajiki.

Finally, the person who has the most numbers of Ohajiki wins!

If you have a children in your house, this game is totally recommnded for its simplicity yet entertainment!

Moreover, this type of game is better than electronic games because it will not damage your child’s eye sight and it will increase your time together!

How To Study With The Ohajiki

Other than using the Ohajiki as a toy, it can also be used as a tool for learning!

It is mostly used by 1st to 2nd Grade Elementary Students to study mathematics. They use them for addition and multiplication. It usually helps when adding or minusing numbers!

Recently, there are Ohajiki’s made from plastic and younger children use them for arts class to make a flower shaped Ohajiki!