“Oden” which can be called a representative of winter Japanese food. If you look at the history, you can see that it has evolved considerably. This time, We will look back on the history of Oden and introduce the latest information!

Let’s Know About The History

  • Heian Period

It is said to be a dish that is beaten with tofu and chopped tofu.

  • Muromachi Period

Applying miso to tofu, they began calling it Oden

  • Edo Period

It was a specialty of Edo so that the rice can be eaten among Edo commoners. In Osaka at this time, Konnyaku Oden was born, which is made by sticking a Konnyaku with a chopstick and painting with miso.

  • Late Edo Period

The production of soy sauce develops, and Oden boiled with soy sauce is born. It might be better to simmer at once rather than coating and baking past miso for the Edo kids.

  • Meiji Period

A soup-like Oden like the present was born。

  • Taisho Period

The Oden of Edo is transmitted to Kansai, and further improvement is repeated, and the Kansai-style Oden made of kelp, bonito and light soy sauce is born. On the other hand, Oden in Kanto is called Kanto simmering (Kantou-Daki), and it is the one boiled in dark miso and soy sauce.

  • Showa Period

Before the war, they often eat Oden at stalls and candy stores and were not eaten at home. After the war, paste products were sold, and the number of families eating Oden had increased. It is also from this time that Oden came to be sell at a convenience store!

「Oden」Evolution Research

Oden has not stopped evolving yet after entering Heisei. We will introduce different varieties of Oden!

  • Sweets Oden

An Oden born in Tokyo, Jiyugaoka in 2013. An Oolong tea-based soup with fruits and white beads served in a pot. It is a dish that the common sense of Oden so far is overturned!

  • Chilled Oden

The food we eat chilled around in 2005 became a boom and was born. Oden is old-fashioned for winter food, and you can eat refreshing Oden that will blow away the heat even in summer!

  • Fried Oden

There are many people who are making it when there are leftovers, and it has recently been talked about being quite delicious. You can enjoy a variety of tastes and eating habits in one Oden!

Overseas Reaction

A Popular Japanese Winter Food 『Oden』

Oden has depth in light taste and is popular with people from overseas. Oden is loved by many tourists who came to Japan because it can be eaten not only at stalls and homes, but also at convenience stores, restaurants, and vending machines.


What did you think about Oden’s evolution? Looking back on Oden’s history, you can see how it evolved. Oden continues to evolve. Let’s not take off our eyes on the evolution of Oden!