In this article, we would like to introduce “Marbles or Bidama” which are things that we may usually see in our daily lives.

What are「Bidama ビー玉」?

The Bidama「ビー玉」is one of the oldest toys that children in Japan plays with. Recently, と most of these are used as decorations to make flower vases and aquariums more stylish.

Some are 5 centimeters big and some are only 1 centimeter. They also vary in color. Some may have a single color and some come with rainbow colors.

There are also other terms other than「Bidama ビー玉」⁉

Other than Bidama「ビー玉」, this toy can be called as the Ramune Dama「ラムネ玉」and depending on the region, some may call it Marble「マーブル」or Bidan「ビーダン」.

Also, the name also differs depending on its size. If it is big in size, people will call it Bidama「ビー玉」, Gandama/ Oyadama「親玉(がんだま・おやだま)」or Dekadan「でかだん」.If it is small, people may call it Bidama「ビー玉」, Tsubudama「ツブ玉」or Chibidan「ちびだん」.

How to Play With「Bidama ビー玉」


Have you ever played with the Bidama「ビー玉」?

The way to play the Bidama 「ビー玉」may differ in each region, however the most common way to play it is that players will use it to compete and the winner will receive the Bidama of the rival.

The rule is simple. You have to hit your rival’s Bidama with your Bidama and the ones you were able to hit will become yours.

In the end, the person who got the most number of Bidama’s will win the competition.

Also, the number of participants does not matter and even more than 4 people can compete.

If you have a children, why not make a time to play Bidama with them?

we are sure that you will have an amazing time!

How to Successfully Flip a「Bidama ビー玉」?

From now, we would like to teach you how to properly and successfully flip the balls in the Bidama!

How To Flip With Your Nails


One of the most effective ways to flip a Bidama is with your nails

In this method, you must flip your fingers like you are hitting someone’s forehead. Then, go for the one’s that may seem like an easy target and put power when flipping it.。

You can flip the ball with either your thumb or index finger.

Play with the method you feel most comfortable with!

How to compress and flip it by inserting it between your fingers?


The next method is by inserting the ball in between your fingers and flipping it.

In this method, you must put pressure to your thumb and index finger. By doing so, you are able to release a power when you flip it.

It is difficult to target your rival with this method, however, you are able to rotate the ball making it possible to do tricks, such as a curve ball or back spin.

Please try these ways of playing the Bidama for more fun!