This article is an article about “Honkogetsu”, a popular kaiseki restaurant in Osaka.

What is「Honkogetsu」?

Honkogetsu is a kaiseki restaurant in Hozenji Yokocho, Namba, Osaka. The area around the restaurant is lined with bars and small restaurants, and the location conditions are good as it can be reached in about 5 minutes on foot from Namba Station in Osaka. This “Honkogetsu” has won two Michelin stars, and it is a restaurant where you can enjoy the finest Japanese cuisine using carefully selected domestic ingredients. The store owner is Hideo Anami, who has experience of practicing at the “Kitcho” and has a first-class cooking skill. If you want to eat Japanese food in Osaka, why not visit this “Honkogetsu”!

The beauty of Honkogetsu

In this section, we will introduce the attractiveness of “Honkogetsu,” which is at a glance in Osaka.

Excellent Kaiseki Cuisine

The main attraction of this Honkogetsu is the best kaiseki cuisine. In Honkogetsu, the ingredients used are carefully selected domestic ingredients, and you can enjoy Japanese cuisine that brings out the full taste of the ingredients. In addition, it looks very beautiful, and you can enjoy the dishes that are used for serving, from the place where you use the bowl made by the famous potter to the place where the attention is drawn.

Inside atmosphere

Hozenji Yokocho in Osaka Namba where “Honkogetsu” is set, it is gorgeous and busy, but the atmosphere of the restaurant is quite calm and the inside of the restaurant is decorated with hanging scrolls, Japanese traditional items, and good furniture. You can enjoy it. In addition, the counter made of a luxury wood gives an even more sense of luxury, and you can enjoy a meal in the best atmosphere.



Address: 〒 542-0071 Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Chuo-ku Dotonbori 7-11

Phone number: 06-6211-0201

Access method: About a 5-minute walk from subway Midosuji Line “Namba” Station / Osaka “Namba” Station 5 minutes

Regular holiday: Sunday

Parking lot: No parking lot